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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.58528 - VSKP R PASSENGER

Train number 58528 / VSKP R PASSENGER runs between VISAKHAPATNAM(VSKP) and RAIPUR JN(R). The train departs from VISAKHAPATNAM(VSKP) at 03:00 hrs and reaches RAIPUR JN(R) at 19:50 hrs on the same day. VSKP R PASSENGER travels a total distance of 527 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 55 stopping stations between VISAKHAPATNAM(VSKP) and RAIPUR JN(R) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1VISAKHAPATNAM(VSKP)Andhra Pradesh 5300041SRC03:000 mins0 kms
2MARRI PALEM HALT(MIPM)Andhra Pradesh 530009103:1103:121 mins4 kms
3SIMHACHALAM(SCM)Andhra Pradesh 530027103:1803:202 mins7 kms
4SIMHACHALAM NORTH(SCMN)Andhra Pradesh 530027103:2303:252 mins9 kms
5PENDURTI(PDT)Andhra Pradesh 531173103:3203:342 mins17 kms
6KOTTAVALASA(KTV)Andhra Pradesh 535183103:4303:452 mins26 kms
7KANTAKAPALLE(KPL)Andhra Pradesh 535183103:5303:552 mins33 kms
8ALAMANDA(ALM)Andhra Pradesh 535250104:0204:042 mins43 kms
9KORUKONDA(KUK)Andhra Pradesh 535214104:1004:122 mins50 kms
10VIZIANAGRAM JN(VZM)Andhra Pradesh 535003104:2504:4015 mins60 kms
11GOTLAM(GTLM)Andhra Pradesh 535003104:4904:512 mins66 kms
12GARUDUBILLI(GRBL)Andhra Pradesh 535260104:5704:592 mins72 kms
13GAJAPATINAGARAM(GPI)Andhra Pradesh 535270105:0805:102 mins82 kms
14KOMATI PALLI(KMX)Andhra Pradesh 535580105:1805:202 mins92 kms
15DONKINAVALASA(DNV)Andhra Pradesh 535578105:2905:312 mins102 kms
16BOBBILI(VBL)Andhra Pradesh 535558105:4305:485 mins114 kms
17SITANAGARAM(SNM)Andhra Pradesh 535546105:5906:012 mins125 kms
18NARSIPURAM HALT(NSX)Andhra Pradesh 535522106:0906:101 mins133 kms
19PARVATIPURAM(PVP)Andhra Pradesh 535501106:1706:225 mins138 kms
20PARVATIPURAM TN(PVPT)Tamil Nadu 614204106:2506:272 mins139 kms
21GUMADA(GMDA)Andhra Pradesh 535521106:4006:422 mins151 kms
22KUNERU(KNRT)Andhra Pradesh 765002106:5006:522 mins160 kms
23JIMIDIPETA(JMPT)Odisha 765002106:5907:1920 mins169 kms
24LADDA(LDX)Odisha 765002107:2707:292 mins177 kms
25RAYAGADA(RGDA)Odisha 765001107:4508:2035 mins184 kms
26SINGAPURAM ROAD(SPRD)Odisha 765017108:5308:552 mins194 kms
27THERUBALI(THV)Odisha 765018109:0509:072 mins203 kms
28BISSAMCUTTACK(BMCK)Odisha 765019109:4109:432 mins221 kms
29SANSARTALI(SNRL)Odisha 765019109:5309:552 mins227 kms
30MUNIGUDA(MNGD)Odisha 765020110:3010:355 mins238 kms
31DOIKALLU(DKLU)Odisha 765020110:4510:472 mins251 kms
32AMBODALA(AMB)Odisha 765021111:0011:055 mins263 kms
33LANJIGARH ROAD(LJR)Odisha 766110111:1511:172 mins277 kms
34NORIA ROAD(NRLR)111:3011:355 mins288 kms
35RUPRA ROAD(RPRD)Odisha 766101111:4511:505 mins295 kms
36KANDEL ROAD(KDLR)Odisha 766012112:0012:022 mins302 kms
37KESINGA(KSNG)Odisha 766012112:1012:155 mins311 kms
38TITLAGARH(TIG)Odisha 767033113:1513:2510 mins324 kms
39RAHEN BATA(RNBT)Odisha 767037113:3513:372 mins332 kms
40MURIBAHAL(MRBL)Odisha 767037113:4613:482 mins342 kms
41KANTABANJI(KBJ)Odisha 767039114:0014:1010 mins357 kms
42TUREKALA ROAD(TRKR)Odisha 767038114:2014:222 mins371 kms
43HARISHANKER RD(HSK)Odisha 767038114:3014:355 mins381 kms
44LAKHNA(LKNA)Odisha 766105114:4814:502 mins396 kms
45NAWAPARA ROAD(NPD)Gujarat 393145115:0015:022 mins410 kms
46KHARIAR ROAD(KRAR)Odisha 766104115:1515:205 mins422 kms
47KOMAKHAN(KMK)Chhattisgarh 493449115:3015:322 mins432 kms
48BAGBAHRA(BGBR)Chhattisgarh 493449115:4015:455 mins442 kms
49BHIMKHOJ(BMKJ)Chhattisgarh 493449116:0016:022 mins453 kms
50ARAND(ARN)Chhattisgarh 493445116:1516:172 mins465 kms
51MAHASAMUND(MSMD)Chhattisgarh 493445116:3016:355 mins473 kms
52BELSONDA(BLSN)Chhattisgarh 493445117:0017:022 mins482 kms
53ARANG MAHANADI(ANMD)Chhattisgarh 493441118:0018:022 mins491 kms
54LAKHOLI(LAE)Chhattisgarh 493441119:0519:072 mins498 kms
55MANDIR HASAUD(MNDH)Chhattisgarh 492101119:1819:202 mins510 kms
56RAIPUR R-V BLOCK HUT(RVH)Chhattisgarh 492004119:3519:372 mins524 kms
57RAIPUR JN(R)Chattisgarh119:50DSTN0 mins527 kms