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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.19566 - UTTARANCHAL EXP

Train number 19566 / UTTARANCHAL EXP runs between DEHRADUN(DDN) and OKHA(OKHA). The train departs from DEHRADUN(DDN) at 05:50 hrs and reaches OKHA(OKHA) at 16:15 hrs on day 2. UTTARANCHAL EXP travels a total distance of 1680 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 31 stopping stations between DEHRADUN(DDN) and OKHA(OKHA) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1DEHRADUN(DDN)Uttarakhand 2480011Source05:500 mins0 kms
2HARIDWAR JN(HW)Uttarakhand 249401107:1507:5035 mins52 kms
3ROORKEE(RK)Uttarakhand 247667108:4008:422 mins98 kms
4TAPRI(TPZ)Uttar Pradesh 247001110:0310:052 mins139 kms
5DEOBAND(DBD)Uttar Pradesh 247554110:2910:312 mins167 kms
6MUZAFFARNAGAR(MOZ)Uttar Pradesh 251001110:5110:532 mins191 kms
7MEERUT CITY(MTC)Uttar Pradesh 250002111:3411:362 mins246 kms
8MODINAGAR(MDNR)Uttar Pradesh 201204111:5111:532 mins266 kms
9GHAZIABAD(GZB)Uttar Pradesh 201009112:3012:322 mins293 kms
10NEW DELHI(NDLS)Delhi 110006113:1013:2515 mins316 kms
11DELHI SARAI ROHILLA(DEE)Delhi 110007113:5013:522 mins322 kms
12DELHI CANTT(DEC)Delhi114:0814:102 mins331 kms
13GURGAON(GGN)Haryana 122001114:2514:272 mins348 kms
14REWARI(RE)Haryana 123110115:2015:222 mins400 kms
15KHAIRTHAL(KRH)Rajasthan 301404115:5615:582 mins447 kms
16ALWAR JN.(AWR)Rajasthan 301001116:2016:233 mins474 kms
17JAIPUR(JP)Rajasthan 302008118:5519:1015 mins625 kms
18AJMER(AII)Rajasthan 305001121:3021:4010 mins759 kms
19BEAWAR(BER)Rajasthan 305901122:2122:232 mins811 kms
20FALNA(FA)Rajasthan 306116200:5500:572 mins966 kms
21ABU ROAD(ABR)Rajasthan 307026202:3502:4510 mins1064 kms
22PALANPUR JN(PNU)Gujarat 385001204:1004:122 mins1117 kms
23SIDDHPUR(SID)Gujarat 384151204:3704:392 mins1147 kms
24UNJHA(UJA)Gujarat 384170204:5404:562 mins1160 kms
25MAHESANA JN(MSH)Gujarat 384001205:2805:302 mins1182 kms
26VIRAMGAM JN(VG)Gujarat 382150207:1307:152 mins1246 kms
27SURENDRANAGAR(SUNR)Gujarat 363001208:1908:212 mins1311 kms
28RAJKOT JN(RJT)Gujarat 360001210:5011:0515 mins1428 kms
29HAPA(HAPA)Gujarat 361110212:2912:312 mins1504 kms
30JAMNAGAR(JAM)Gujarat 361009212:4612:482 mins1512 kms
31KHAMBHALIYA(KMBL)Gujarat 361305213:4013:422 mins1567 kms
32DWARKA(DWK)Delhi 110078215:3615:382 mins1651 kms
33OKHA(OKHA)Gujarat 361350216:15Destination0 mins1680 kms