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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.14309 - UJJAINI EXPRESS

Train number 14309 / UJJAINI EXPRESS runs between UJJAIN JN(UJN) and DEHRADUN(DDN). The train departs from UJJAIN JN(UJN) at 15:00 hrs and reaches DEHRADUN(DDN) at 19:40 hrs on day 2. UJJAINI EXPRESS travels a total distance of 1245 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 28 stopping stations between UJJAIN JN(UJN) and DEHRADUN(DDN) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1UJJAIN JN(UJN)Madhya Pradesh 4560011Source15:000 mins0 kms
2MAKSI(MKC)Madhya Pradesh 465106115:4815:502 mins41 kms
3SHAJAPUR(SFY)Madhya Pradesh 465001116:1616:182 mins69 kms
4PACHOR ROAD(PFR)Madhya Pradesh 465683117:2417:262 mins128 kms
5BIYAVRA RAJGARH(BRRG)Madhya Pradesh 465674117:4317:452 mins158 kms
6KUMBHRAJ(KHRJ)Madhya Pradesh 473222118:4318:452 mins211 kms
7RUTHIYAI(RTA)Madhya Pradesh 473110119:2519:305 mins235 kms
8GUNA(GUNA)Madhya Pradesh 473001120:1020:2010 mins255 kms
9ASHOK NAGAR(ASKN)Maharashtra 400055121:1321:152 mins300 kms
10MUNGAOLI(MNV)Madhya Pradesh 473443121:5822:002 mins345 kms
11BINA JN(BINA)Madhya Pradesh 470113223:5500:2025 mins374 kms
12LALITPUR(LAR)Uttar Pradesh 284403201:1201:142 mins436 kms
13JHANSI JN(JHS)Uttar Pradesh 284003203:0503:1510 mins526 kms
14GWALIOR JN.(GWL)Madhya Pradesh 474002204:2504:305 mins623 kms
15MORENA(MRA)Madhya Pradesh 476001204:5504:572 mins662 kms
16DHAULPUR(DHO)Rajasthan 328001205:5005:522 mins689 kms
17AGRA CANTT(AGC)Uttar Pradesh 282001207:0007:088 mins742 kms
18RAJA KI MANDI(RKM)Uttar Pradesh 282002207:1807:202 mins746 kms
19MATHURA JN(MTJ)Uttar Pradesh208:0508:105 mins796 kms
20KOSI KALAN(KSV)Uttar Pradesh 281403208:3808:402 mins837 kms
21FARIDABAD(FDB)Haryana 121003210:2110:221 mins908 kms
22HAZRAT NIZAMUDDIN(NZM)Delhi 120013211:1011:3020 mins929 kms
23GHAZIABAD(GZB)Uttar Pradesh 201009212:0812:102 mins952 kms
24MEERUT CITY(MTC)Uttar Pradesh 250002212:5312:552 mins999 kms
25MUZAFFARNAGAR(MOZ)Uttar Pradesh 251001213:3413:362 mins1055 kms
26DEOBAND(DBD)Uttar Pradesh 247554213:5513:572 mins1078 kms
27SAHARANPUR(SRE)Uttar Pradesh 247001215:0015:3535 mins1113 kms
28ROORKEE(RK)Uttarakhand 247667216:0516:072 mins1148 kms
29HARIDWAR JN(HW)Uttarakhand 249401217:0517:1510 mins1193 kms
30DEHRADUN(DDN)Uttarakhand 248001219:40Destination0 mins1245 kms