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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.11301 - UDYAN EXPRESS

Train number 11301 / UDYAN EXPRESS runs between MUMBAI CST(CSTM) and BANGALORE CY JN(SBC). The train departs from MUMBAI CST(CSTM) at 08:05 hrs and reaches BANGALORE CY JN(SBC) at 08:50 hrs on day 2. UDYAN EXPRESS travels a total distance of 1153 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 33 stopping stations between MUMBAI CST(CSTM) and BANGALORE CY JN(SBC) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1MUMBAI CST(CSTM)Maharashtra 4000011Source08:050 mins0 kms
2DADAR(DR)Maharashtra 400028108:1808:202 mins9 kms
3KALYAN JN(KYN)Maharashtra 400007108:5809:002 mins54 kms
4LONAVALA(LNL)Maharashtra 410401110:3310:352 mins128 kms
5PUNE JN(PUNE)Maharashtra 411027111:4011:455 mins192 kms
6URULI(URI)Maharashtra 412202112:1412:151 mins221 kms
7DAUND JN(DD)Maharashtra 413801113:0013:1010 mins268 kms
8KURDUVADI(KWV)Maharashtra 413208114:5815:002 mins377 kms
9SOLAPUR JN(SUR)Maharashtra116:0516:1510 mins455 kms
10AKALKOT ROAD(AKOR)Maharashtra 413216116:4816:502 mins491 kms
11DUDHANI(DUD)Maharashtra 413220117:1317:152 mins519 kms
12GANAGAPUR ROAD(GUR)Rajasthan 322202117:4317:452 mins542 kms
13GULBARGA(GR)Karnataka 585102118:4318:441 mins568 kms
14SHAHABAD(SDB)Karnataka 585228119:0819:102 mins595 kms
15WADI(WADI)Karnataka 585225119:4019:455 mins605 kms
16NALWAR(NW)Karnataka 585218119:5820:002 mins619 kms
17YADGIR(YG)Karnataka 585202120:1820:202 mins644 kms
18SAIDAPUR(SADP)Karnataka 585221120:4820:502 mins667 kms
19KRISHNA(KSN)Telangana 509352121:0321:052 mins687 kms
20RAICHUR(RC)Karnataka 584101121:3321:352 mins713 kms
21MANTHRALAYAM RD(MALM)Andhra Pradesh 518349122:0822:102 mins741 kms
22ADONI(AD)Andhra Pradesh 518301122:4822:502 mins782 kms
23GUNTAKAL JN(GTL)Andhra Pradesh 515801200:0500:105 mins833 kms
24GOOTY(GY)Andhra Pradesh 515402200:5300:552 mins862 kms
25ANANTAPUR(ATP)Andhra Pradesh 515004202:3802:402 mins919 kms
26DHARMAVARAM JN(DMM)Andhra Pradesh 515672204:1004:155 mins953 kms
27SAI P NILAYAM(SSPN)Maharashtra 411030204:4304:452 mins986 kms
28PENUKONDA(PKD)Andhra Pradesh 515110205:0705:092 mins1006 kms
29HINDUPUR(HUP)Andhra Pradesh 515201205:4305:452 mins1043 kms
30GAURIBIDANUR(GBD)Karnataka 561208206:1806:202 mins1066 kms
31DODBALLAPUR(DBU)Karnataka 561203207:0007:022 mins1106 kms
32YELAHANKA JN.(YNK)Karnataka 560064207:2307:252 mins1126 kms
33BANGALORE EAST(BNCE)Karnataka 560005207:5808:002 mins1146 kms
34BANGALORE CANT(BNC)Karnataka 560051208:1008:155 mins1149 kms
35BANGALORE CY JN(SBC)Karnataka 560076208:50Destination0 mins1153 kms