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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.54101 - PRG CNB PASSENGER

Train number 54101 / PRG CNB PASSENGER runs between PRAYAG(PRG) and KANPUR CENTRAL(CNB). The train departs from PRAYAG(PRG) at 16:55 hrs and reaches KANPUR CENTRAL(CNB) at 23:05 hrs on the same day. PRG CNB PASSENGER travels a total distance of 208 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 32 stopping stations between PRAYAG(PRG) and KANPUR CENTRAL(CNB) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1PRAYAG(PRG)Uttar Pradesh 2110021SRC16:550 mins0 kms
2PHAPHAMAU JN(PFM)Uttar Pradesh 211013117:0817:091 mins6 kms
3SARAI GOPAL(SPGL)Uttar Pradesh 211013117:1517:161 mins11 kms
4ATRAMPUR(ARP)Uttar Pradesh 212412117:2417:251 mins20 kms
5RAM CHAURA ROAD(RMC)Bihar 800003117:3317:341 mins27 kms
6LALGOPALGANJ(LGO)Uttar Pradesh 212413117:4217:431 mins34 kms
7BHADRI(BHDR)Uttar Pradesh 230201117:5117:521 mins41 kms
8KUNDA HARNAMGNJ(KHNM)Uttar Pradesh 230204118:0418:062 mins48 kms
9GARHI MANIKPUR(GRMR)Uttar Pradesh 230202118:1918:201 mins60 kms
10PWN KLAKNDER RD(PQN)118:2918:301 mins67 kms
11ARKHA(ARKA)Uttar Pradesh 229404118:3918:401 mins76 kms
12UNCHAHAR JN(UCR)Uttar Pradesh 229406118:5418:562 mins78 kms
13ISHARDASPUR(IDS)Uttar Pradesh 229404119:1019:111 mins85 kms
14MANJHLEPUR(MNJR)Uttar Pradesh 229401119:1819:191 mins90 kms
15JALALPUR DHAI(JPD)119:2819:291 mins97 kms
16BARARA BUZURG(BRRZ)Uttar Pradesh 229207119:3819:391 mins104 kms
17DALMAU JN(DMW)Uttar Pradesh 229207119:4719:481 mins110 kms
18BAHAI(BYQ)Uttar Pradesh 229203119:5719:581 mins117 kms
19LALGANJ(LLJ)Uttar Pradesh 229206120:0620:071 mins123 kms
20NIHASTA HALT(NHF)Uttar Pradesh 229208120:1420:151 mins131 kms
21RAGHURAJ SINGH(RRS)Uttar Pradesh 209866120:2320:241 mins136 kms
22BAISWARA(BSWA)Bihar 209866120:3220:331 mins142 kms
23TAKIA(TQA)Uttar Pradesh 209867120:4120:421 mins148 kms
24INDEMAU(IDM)Uttar Pradesh 209867120:4920:501 mins153 kms
25BIGHAPUR(BQP)Uttar Pradesh 209865120:5820:591 mins158 kms
26KULHA-HALT(KULH)Uttar Pradesh 209865121:0821:091 mins161 kms
27TIKAULI RAWATPR(TKRP)Uttar Pradesh 209801121:2121:221 mins167 kms
28BAND HAMIRPUR(BAHP)Uttar Pradesh 209801121:3121:321 mins171 kms
29ACHALGANJ(ACH)Uttar Pradesh 209801121:4221:431 mins175 kms
30KORARI(KURO)Uttar Pradesh 209801121:5221:531 mins179 kms
31UNNAO JN(ON)Uttar Pradesh 209801122:2422:262 mins190 kms
32MAGARWARA(MGW)Uttar Pradesh 209861122:3922:401 mins196 kms
33KANPUR BGE L BK(CPB)Uttar Pradesh 208001122:5322:541 mins204 kms
34KANPUR CENTRAL(CNB)Uttar Pradesh 244235123:05DSTN0 mins208 kms