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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.56770 - TCN PLNI PASSENGER

Train number 56770 / TCN PLNI PASSENGER runs between TIRUCHENDUR(TCN) and PALANI(PLNI). The train departs from TIRUCHENDUR(TCN) at 11:10 hrs and reaches PALANI(PLNI) at 19:20 hrs on the same day. TCN PLNI PASSENGER travels a total distance of 342 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 28 stopping stations between TIRUCHENDUR(TCN) and PALANI(PLNI) along the route.
Days on which the train runs
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Swipe Table Horizontally
No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1TIRUCHENDUR(TCN)Tamil Nadu 6282151SRC11:100 mins0 kms
2KAYALPATTINAM(KZY)Tamil Nadu 628202111:1811:191 mins7 kms
3ARUMUGANERI(ANY)Tamil Nadu 628202111:2411:251 mins9 kms
4KURUMBUR(KZB)Tamil Nadu 628207111:3111:321 mins15 kms
5KACHCHANVILAI(KCHV)Tamil Nadu 628211111:3611:371 mins17 kms
6NAZARETH(NZT)Tamil Nadu 628617111:4211:431 mins22 kms
7ALWAR TIRUNAGRI(AWT)Tamil Nadu 628612111:4911:501 mins28 kms
8SRIVAIKUNTAM(SVV)Tamil Nadu 628621111:5611:571 mins33 kms
9THATHANKULAM(TTQ)Tamil Nadu 628622112:0412:051 mins41 kms
10SEYDUNGANALLUR(SDNR)Tamil Nadu 628809112:1112:121 mins45 kms
11PALAYANKOTTAI(PCO)Tamil Nadu 627007112:1912:201 mins56 kms
12TIRUNELVELI(TEN)Tamil Nadu 627001112:3012:355 mins61 kms
13TALAIYUTHU(TAY)Tamil Nadu 627357112:4612:471 mins68 kms
14NARAIKKINAR(NRK)Tamil Nadu 628303113:0013:011 mins83 kms
15MANIYACHCHI JN(MEJ)Tamil Nadu 628302113:0913:101 mins90 kms
16KADAMBUR(KDU)Tamil Nadu 628714113:2113:221 mins104 kms
17KOVILPATTI(CVP)Tamil Nadu 628502113:4113:421 mins126 kms
18SATUR(SRT)Tamil Nadu 626203114:0314:041 mins147 kms
19VIRUDUNAGAR JN(VPT)Tamil Nadu 626001114:3814:402 mins174 kms
20TIRUMANGALAM(TMQ)Tamil Nadu 625706115:0315:041 mins200 kms
21TIRUPARANKNDRM(TDN)Tamil Nadu 628001115:1515:161 mins211 kms
22MADURAI JN(MDU)Tamil Nadu 625016116:0016:055 mins217 kms
23SHOLAVANDAN(SDN)Tamil Nadu 625214116:2916:301 mins239 kms
24KODAIKANAL ROAD(KQN)Tamil Nadu 624206116:5016:511 mins258 kms
25AMBATURAI(ABI)Tamil Nadu 624302117:0517:061 mins272 kms
26DINDIGUL JN(DG)Tamil Nadu 624003117:2817:302 mins283 kms
27AKKARAIPPATTI(API)Tamil Nadu 624709117:4417:451 mins294 kms
28ODDAM HATRAM(ODC)Tamil Nadu 624619118:0918:101 mins316 kms
29CHATRAPPATTI(CHPT)Tamil Nadu 624614118:2118:221 mins326 kms
30PALANI(PLNI)Tamil Nadu 624618119:20DSTN0 mins342 kms