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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.18111 - TATA YPR EXP

Train number 18111 / TATA YPR EXP runs between TATANAGAR JN(TATA) and YASVANTPUR JN(YPR). The train departs from TATANAGAR JN(TATA) at 18:35 hrs and reaches YASVANTPUR JN(YPR) at 17:55 hrs on day 3. TATA YPR EXP travels a total distance of 2441 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 39 stopping stations between TATANAGAR JN(TATA) and YASVANTPUR JN(YPR) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1TATANAGAR JN(TATA)Jharkhand 8310071Source18:350 mins0 kms
2CHAKRADHARPUR(CKP)Jharkhand 833102119:3019:322 mins63 kms
3RAURKELA(ROU)Odisha 769001120:5621:015 mins164 kms
4JHARSUGUDA JN(JSG)Odisha 768201122:3522:405 mins265 kms
5SAMBALPUR(SBP)Odisha 768003123:2523:3510 mins314 kms
6BARGARH ROAD(BRGA)Odisha 768028200:1800:202 mins356 kms
7BALANGIR(BLGR)Odisha 767001201:1501:205 mins432 kms
8TITLAGARH(TIG)Odisha 767033202:4502:5510 mins495 kms
9KESINGA(KSNG)Odisha 766012203:1003:122 mins508 kms
10MUNIGUDA(MNGD)Odisha 765020204:1604:171 mins581 kms
11RAYAGADA(RGDA)Odisha 765001206:1506:3015 mins635 kms
12PARVATIPURAM(PVP)Andhra Pradesh 535501207:1107:121 mins682 kms
13BOBBILI(VBL)Andhra Pradesh 535558207:3307:352 mins706 kms
14VIZIANAGRAM JN(VZM)Andhra Pradesh 535003208:2508:305 mins759 kms
15VISAKHAPATNAM(VSKP)Andhra Pradesh 530004209:3509:5520 mins820 kms
16SAMALKOT JN(SLO)Andhra Pradesh 533440211:5912:012 mins971 kms
17RAJAMUNDRY(RJY)Andhra Pradesh 533101212:5512:572 mins1021 kms
18ELURU(EE)Andhra Pradesh 534005213:5613:582 mins1111 kms
19VIJAYAWADA JN(BZA)Andhra Pradesh 520001215:3015:4515 mins1170 kms
20KHAMMAM(KMT)Telangana216:5416:551 mins1271 kms
21WARANGAL(WL)Telangana 506002219:0619:082 mins1379 kms
22MAULA ALI(MLY)Telangana 500047221:4521:461 mins1515 kms
23SECUNDERABAD JN(SC)222:2022:3010 mins1521 kms
24LINGAMPALLI(LPI)Telangana 500019223:0423:051 mins1543 kms
25VIKARABAD JN(VKB)Telangana 501101223:4523:461 mins1592 kms
26TANDUR(TDU)Telangana 501141301:4001:411 mins1634 kms
27YADGIR(YG)Karnataka 585202303:4303:452 mins1743 kms
28RAICHUR(RC)Karnataka 584101305:1305:152 mins1812 kms
29MANTHRALAYAM RD(MALM)Andhra Pradesh 518349306:1306:152 mins1840 kms
30ADONI(AD)Andhra Pradesh 518301306:4306:452 mins1881 kms
31GUNTAKAL JN(GTL)Andhra Pradesh 515801307:5008:1525 mins1932 kms
32BELLARY JN(BAY)Karnataka 583101309:4509:505 mins1983 kms
33MOLAKALMURU(MOMU)Karnataka 577535311:2611:271 mins2051 kms
34CHALLAKERE(CHKE)Karnataka 577522312:0912:101 mins2098 kms
35CHITRADURG(CTA)Karnataka 577502312:4312:452 mins2134 kms
36BIRUR JN(RRB)Karnataka 577116314:2314:252 mins2236 kms
37KADUR(DRU)Karnataka 577548314:3414:351 mins2242 kms
38ARSIKERE JN(ASK)Karnataka 573103315:0515:105 mins2281 kms
39TUMKUR(TK)Karnataka 572102316:1816:202 mins2377 kms
40CHIK BANAVAR(BAW)Karnataka 560090317:3517:405 mins2433 kms
41YASVANTPUR JN(YPR)Karnataka 560022317:55Destination0 mins2441 kms