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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.13287 - SOUTH BIHAR EXP

Train number 13287 / SOUTH BIHAR EXP runs between DURG(DURG) and RAJENDRANAGAR T(RJPB). The train departs from DURG(DURG) at 07:25 hrs and reaches RAJENDRANAGAR T(RJPB) at 07:05 hrs on day 2. SOUTH BIHAR EXP travels a total distance of 1113 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 49 stopping stations between DURG(DURG) and RAJENDRANAGAR T(RJPB) along the route.
Days on which the train runs
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1DURG(DURG)Chhattisgarh 4910011Source07:250 mins0 kms
2BHILAI PWR HS(BPHB)Chhattisgarh 490022107:3407:362 mins10 kms
3RAIPUR JN(R)Chattisgarh108:1008:2010 mins37 kms
4TILDA(TLD)Chhattisgarh 493114108:5308:552 mins75 kms
5BHATAPARA(BYT)Chhattisgarh 493118109:1309:152 mins101 kms
6BILASPUR JN(BSP)Chhattisgarh 495004110:1510:3015 mins147 kms
7AKALTARA(AKT)Chhattisgarh 495552110:5610:582 mins174 kms
8CHAMPA(CPH)Chhattisgarh 495671111:2811:302 mins200 kms
9SAKTI(SKT)Chhattisgarh 495689111:5011:522 mins231 kms
10KHARSIA(KHS)Chhattisgarh 496661112:0412:062 mins246 kms
11RAIGARH(RIG)Chhattisgarh 496001112:3812:435 mins280 kms
12BRAJRAJNAGAR(BRJN)Odisha 768225113:2113:232 mins340 kms
13JHARSUGUDA JN(JSG)Odisha 768201114:0014:055 mins353 kms
14BAMRA(BMB)Odisha 768221114:3314:352 mins390 kms
15RAJ GANGPUR(GP)Odisha 770017115:0115:032 mins424 kms
16RAURKELA(ROU)Odisha 769001115:3515:5015 mins454 kms
17BONDAMUNDA(BNDM)Odisha 770036116:0016:011 mins462 kms
18MANOHARPUR(MOU)Jharkhand 833104116:2916:301 mins494 kms
19GOILKERA(GOL)Jharkhand 833103116:5917:001 mins522 kms
20SONUA(SWR)Jharkhand 833105117:1117:132 mins535 kms
21CHAKRADHARPUR(CKP)Jharkhand 833102117:3817:402 mins555 kms
22RAJKHARSAWAN JN(RKSN)Jharkhand 833101117:5617:571 mins576 kms
23SINI JN(SINI)Jharkhand 833220118:1518:161 mins591 kms
24TATANAGAR JN(TATA)Jharkhand 831007118:5519:3540 mins618 kms
25ADITYAPUR(ADTP)Jharkhand 831013119:4319:452 mins622 kms
26KANDRA(KND)Jharkhand 832402120:1020:122 mins640 kms
27CHANDIL JN(CNI)Jharkhand 832401120:4520:472 mins654 kms
28BARABHUM(BBM)West Bengal 723127121:0421:051 mins676 kms
29PURULIA JN(PRR)West Bengal 723101121:3521:405 mins708 kms
30ANARA(ANR)West Bengal 723126122:0722:081 mins734 kms
31JOYCHANDI PAHAR(JOC)West Bengal 723121122:3722:381 mins747 kms
32BURNPUR(BURN)West Bengal 713325123:1723:181 mins779 kms
33ASANSOL JN(ASN)West Bengal 713301200:0500:3025 mins784 kms
34CHITTARANJAN(CRJ)West Bengal 815354200:5300:552 mins809 kms
35JAMTARA(JMT)Jharkhand 815352201:0801:091 mins823 kms
36MADHUPUR JN(MDP)Jharkhand 815353201:4401:484 mins865 kms
37JASIDIH JN(JSME)Jharkhand 814142202:1202:175 mins894 kms
38JHAJHA(JAJ)Bihar 811308203:0503:105 mins938 kms
39JAMUI(JMU)Bihar 811307203:2903:312 mins964 kms
40KIUL JN(KIUL)Bihar 811310203:5504:005 mins992 kms
41LUCKEESARAI JN(LKR)Bihar 811311204:0604:082 mins993 kms
42BARHIYA(BRYA)Bihar 811302204:2104:232 mins1009 kms
43HATHIDAH JN(HTZ)Bihar 803301204:3204:342 mins1019 kms
44MOKAMEH JN(MKA)204:4404:462 mins1026 kms
45BARH(BARH)Bihar 803213205:2305:252 mins1052 kms
46ATHMAL GOLA(ATL)Bihar 803211205:3305:352 mins1061 kms
47BAKHTIYARPUR JN(BKP)Bihar 803212205:4405:462 mins1070 kms
48KHUSROPUR(KOO)Bihar 803202205:5605:582 mins1085 kms
49FATUHA(FUT)Bihar206:0606:082 mins1094 kms
50PATNA SAHEB(PNC)Bihar 800008206:1906:212 mins1106 kms
51RAJENDRANAGAR T(RJPB)Madhya Pradesh 452012207:05Destination0 mins1113 kms