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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.15484 - MAHANANDA EXP

Train number 15484 / MAHANANDA EXP runs between DELHI(DLI) and ALIPUR DUAR JN(APDJ). The train departs from DELHI(DLI) at 06:35 hrs and reaches ALIPUR DUAR JN(APDJ) at 19:30 hrs on day 2. MAHANANDA EXP travels a total distance of 1651 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 57 stopping stations between DELHI(DLI) and ALIPUR DUAR JN(APDJ) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1DELHI(DLI)Delhi 1100061Source06:350 mins0 kms
2DELHI SHAHDARA(DSA)Delhi 110032106:4906:512 mins7 kms
3GHAZIABAD(GZB)Uttar Pradesh 201009107:2407:262 mins20 kms
4CHOLA(CHL)Uttar Pradesh 203131108:0408:062 mins68 kms
5KHURJA JN(KRJ)Uttar Pradesh 203132108:2108:232 mins83 kms
6ALIGARH JN(ALJN)Uttar Pradesh 202001109:0009:055 mins126 kms
7HATHRAS JN(HRS)Uttar Pradesh 204102109:2709:303 mins156 kms
8JALESAR ROAD(JLS)Uttar Pradesh 207302109:4609:482 mins176 kms
9TUNDLA JN(TDL)Uttar Pradesh 283204111:0011:088 mins204 kms
10FIROZABAD(FZD)Uttar Pradesh 283203111:2611:282 mins221 kms
11SHIKOHABAD JN(SKB)Uttar Pradesh 283141111:4811:502 mins241 kms
12ETAWAH(ETW)Uttar Pradesh 206001112:3312:352 mins296 kms
13BHARTHANA(BNT)Uttar Pradesh 206242112:5012:522 mins316 kms
14ACHALDA(ULD)Uttar Pradesh 206241113:0913:112 mins336 kms
15PHAPHUND(PHD)Uttar Pradesh 206244113:2613:282 mins352 kms
16JHINJHAK(JJK)Uttar Pradesh 209302113:4613:482 mins372 kms
17RURA(RURA)Uttar Pradesh 209303114:0214:042 mins391 kms
18PANKI(PNK)Uttar Pradesh 208020114:2814:302 mins424 kms
19KANPUR CENTRAL(CNB)Uttar Pradesh 244235115:1215:208 mins434 kms
20FATEHPUR(FTP)Uttar Pradesh 212601116:2316:252 mins512 kms
21ALLAHABAD JN(ALD)Uttar Pradesh 211001117:5518:0510 mins628 kms
22NAINI(NYN)Uttar Pradesh 211008118:1618:182 mins636 kms
23VINDHYACHAL(BDL)Uttar Pradesh 231307119:1019:122 mins711 kms
24MIRZAPUR(MZP)West Bengal 742227119:3019:355 mins718 kms
25MUGHAL SARAI JN(MGS)Uttar Pradesh 232101121:0021:1515 mins781 kms
26BUXAR(BXR)Bihar 802101122:4122:432 mins875 kms
27ARA(ARA)Bihar 802301123:2823:302 mins943 kms
28DANAPUR(DNR)Bihar 801105123:5723:592 mins983 kms
29PATNA JN(PNBE)Bihar 800001200:3501:0025 mins993 kms
30BAKHTIYARPUR JN(BKP)Bihar 803212201:3501:372 mins1038 kms
31MOKAMEH JN(MKA)202:2202:242 mins1082 kms
32BARAUNI JN(BJU)Bihar 851116204:0504:105 mins1103 kms
33BEGU SARAI(BGS)204:3004:322 mins1118 kms
34LAKHMINIA(LKN)Bihar 851211204:4504:472 mins1136 kms
35SAHIBPUR KML JN(SKJ)Bihar 851217204:5604:582 mins1145 kms
36KHAGARIA JN.(KGG)Bihar 851204205:2305:252 mins1158 kms
37MANSI JN(MNE)Bihar 851214205:3305:352 mins1167 kms
38MAHES KHUNT(MSK)Bihar 851213205:5005:522 mins1178 kms
39PASRAHA(PSR)Bihar 851212206:2606:282 mins1190 kms
40NARAYANPUR(NNR)Bihar 853203206:4306:452 mins1202 kms
41THANA BIHPUR JN(THB)Bihar 853201206:5306:552 mins1209 kms
42NAUGACHIA(NNA)Bihar 853204207:0807:102 mins1225 kms
43KURSELA(KUE)Bihar 854104207:4407:462 mins1243 kms
44KARAGOLA ROAD(CRR)Bihar 854104208:3508:372 mins1260 kms
45SEMAPUR(SMO)Bihar 854106209:0909:112 mins1271 kms
46KATIHAR JN(KIR)Bihar 854105209:3009:5020 mins1282 kms
47LABHA(LAV)Bihar 854117210:1510:172 mins1305 kms
48AZAMNAGAR ROAD(AZR)Bihar 855113210:4110:432 mins1325 kms
49BARSOI JN(BOE)Bihar 854317210:5710:592 mins1338 kms
50DALKOLHA(DLK)West Bengal 733201211:2111:232 mins1367 kms
51KISHANGANJ(KNE)Bihar 733208211:4511:472 mins1396 kms
52ALUABARI ROAD(AUB)212:1512:172 mins1426 kms
53NEW JALPAIGURI(NJP)West Bengal 734004213:3013:4515 mins1483 kms
54SILIGURI JN(SGUJ)West Bengal 734001214:2014:3010 mins1490 kms
55NEW MAL JN(NMZ)West Bengal 735221215:2215:275 mins1538 kms
56BINNAGURI(BNV)West Bengal 735203216:1816:202 mins1582 kms
57DALGAON(DLO)West Bengal 735204216:3016:322 mins1591 kms
58HASIMARA(HSA)West Bengal 735214217:5617:582 mins1616 kms
59ALIPUR DUAR JN(APDJ)West Bengal 736123219:30Destination0 mins1651 kms