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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.12191 - NDLS JBP SUP EX

Train number 12191 / NDLS JBP SUP EX runs between NEW DELHI(NDLS) and JABALPUR(JBP). The train departs from NEW DELHI(NDLS) at 14:05 hrs and reaches JABALPUR(JBP) at 07:15 hrs on day 2. NDLS JBP SUP EX travels a total distance of 1038 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 22 stopping stations between NEW DELHI(NDLS) and JABALPUR(JBP) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1NEW DELHI(NDLS)Delhi 1100061Source14:050 mins0 kms
2HAZRAT NIZAMUDDIN(NZM)Delhi 120013114:1914:212 mins8 kms
3MATHURA JN(MTJ)Uttar Pradesh116:0816:135 mins141 kms
4AGRA CANTT(AGC)Uttar Pradesh 282001116:5717:025 mins195 kms
5DHAULPUR(DHO)Rajasthan 328001117:5017:522 mins247 kms
6MORENA(MRA)Madhya Pradesh 476001118:1518:172 mins275 kms
7GWALIOR JN.(GWL)Madhya Pradesh 474002118:5018:555 mins313 kms
8DATIA(DAA)Madhya Pradesh 475661120:1620:182 mins386 kms
9JHANSI JN(JHS)Uttar Pradesh 284003120:4020:5010 mins410 kms
10LALITPUR(LAR)Uttar Pradesh 284403121:5822:002 mins500 kms
11BINA JN(BINA)Madhya Pradesh 470113122:5523:005 mins563 kms
12GANJ BASODA(BAQ)Madhya Pradesh 464221123:3223:342 mins609 kms
13VIDISHA(BHS)Madhya Pradesh 464001200:0200:042 mins648 kms
14BHOPAL JN(BPL)Madhya Pradesh 462001200:5501:005 mins701 kms
15HABIBGANJ(HBJ)Madhya Pradesh 462023201:1001:122 mins707 kms
16HOSHANGABAD(HBD)Madhya Pradesh 461001202:2002:222 mins775 kms
17ITARSI JN(ET)Madhya Pradesh 461122203:0503:1510 mins793 kms
18PIPARIYA(PPI)Madhya Pradesh 461775204:2304:252 mins860 kms
19GADARWARA(GAR)Madhya Pradesh 487551204:4804:502 mins910 kms
20KARELI(KY)Madhya Pradesh 487221205:1005:122 mins938 kms
21NARSINGHPUR(NU)Madhya Pradesh 487001205:2805:302 mins954 kms
22SRIDHAM(SRID)Madhya Pradesh 487118205:5806:002 mins985 kms
23MADAN MAHAL(MML)Madhya Pradesh 482002206:5306:552 mins1035 kms
24JABALPUR(JBP)Madhya Pradesh 482001207:15Destination0 mins1038 kms