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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.13119 - SDAH DLI EXP

Train number 13119 / SDAH DLI EXP runs between SEALDAH(SDAH) and DELHI(DLI). The train departs from SEALDAH(SDAH) at 21:15 hrs and reaches DELHI(DLI) at 11:55 hrs on day 3. SDAH DLI EXP travels a total distance of 1640 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 86 stopping stations between SEALDAH(SDAH) and DELHI(DLI) along the route.
Days on which the train runs
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1SEALDAH(SDAH)West Bengal 7000171Source21:150 mins0 kms
2BIDHAN NAGAR(BNXR)West Bengal 700054121:2321:241 mins4 kms
3DAKHINESWAR(DAKE)West Bengal 700076121:3921:401 mins13 kms
4BARDDHAMAN(BWN)West Bengal 713103122:5723:025 mins101 kms
5GUSKARA(GKH)West Bengal 713128123:3523:361 mins134 kms
6BOLPUR S NIKTN(BHP)West Bengal200:0100:065 mins153 kms
7PRANTIK(PNE)West Bengal 731235200:1400:151 mins157 kms
8AHAMADPUR JN.(AMP)West Bengal 731201200:3100:321 mins172 kms
9SAINTHIA(SNT)West Bengal 731234200:4700:481 mins186 kms
10RAMPUR HAT(RPH)West Bengal 731224201:1601:215 mins213 kms
11NALHATI JN(NHT)West Bengal 731220201:3801:402 mins227 kms
12MURARAI(MRR)West Bengal 731219201:5401:551 mins244 kms
13RAJGRAM(RJG)West Bengal 731222202:2002:211 mins255 kms
14PAKAUR(PKR)Jharkhand 816107202:3402:351 mins267 kms
15KOTALPUKUR(KLP)Jharkhand 742236202:5702:581 mins279 kms
16BARHARWA JN(BHW)Jharkhand 816101203:2103:265 mins293 kms
17TINPAHAR JN(TPH)Jharkhand 816102203:4003:411 mins309 kms
18TALJHARI(TLJ)Jharkhand 816129203:5503:561 mins319 kms
19SAKRIGALI JN(SLJ)Jharkhand 816115204:1804:191 mins339 kms
20SAHIBGANJ JN(SBG)Jharkhand 816109204:3504:405 mins347 kms
21MIRZA CHEUKI(MZC)Jharkhand 813208204:5704:581 mins362 kms
22PIRPAINTI(PPT)Bihar 813209205:1105:121 mins371 kms
23SHIVANARAYANPUR(SVRP)Bihar 813231205:2405:251 mins380 kms
24BIKRAMSHILA(BKSL)Bihar 813222205:3405:351 mins385 kms
25KAHALGAON(CLG)Bihar 813224205:4705:481 mins391 kms
26EKCHARI(EKC)Bihar 813204205:5605:571 mins395 kms
27GHOGA(GGA)Bihar 813205206:0506:061 mins401 kms
28SABAUR(SBO)Bihar 813210206:2306:241 mins413 kms
29BHAGALPUR(BGP)Bihar 812002206:4106:5110 mins421 kms
30NATHNAGAR(NAT)Bihar 812004206:5806:591 mins425 kms
31MURARPUR(MPY)Bihar 813233207:0707:081 mins430 kms
32AKBARNAGAR(AKN)Bihar 812006207:1607:171 mins435 kms
33SULTANGANJ(SGG)Bihar 813213207:2807:291 mins445 kms
34BARIARPUR(BUP)Bihar 811211207:5307:541 mins463 kms
35RATANPUR(RPUR)Bihar 811211208:0208:031 mins468 kms
36JAMALPUR JN(JMP)Bihar 811214208:2008:3515 mins474 kms
37DASHARATHPUR(DRTP)Bihar 811212208:4508:461 mins480 kms
38DHARHARA(DRH)Bihar 811212208:5408:551 mins486 kms
39ABHAIPUR(AHA)Bihar 811112209:0709:081 mins496 kms
40KAJRA(KJH)Bihar 811309209:1809:191 mins503 kms
41KIUL JN(KIUL)Bihar 811310210:2210:308 mins519 kms
42LUCKEESARAI JN(LKR)Bihar 811311210:3710:381 mins520 kms
43BARHIYA(BRYA)Bihar 811302210:5610:571 mins535 kms
44HATHIDAH JN(HTZ)Bihar 803301211:0611:071 mins546 kms
45MOKAMEH JN(MKA)211:1911:212 mins553 kms
46MOR(MOR)Bihar 803302211:2711:281 mins561 kms
47PUNARAKH(PHK)Bihar 803221211:3711:381 mins569 kms
48BARH(BARH)Bihar 803213211:4811:491 mins579 kms
49ATHMAL GOLA(ATL)Bihar 803211211:5811:591 mins588 kms
50BAKHTIYARPUR JN(BKP)Bihar 803212212:3512:372 mins597 kms
51KARAUTA(KWO)Bihar 803202212:4412:451 mins606 kms
52KHUSROPUR(KOO)Bihar 803202212:5312:541 mins612 kms
53HARDAS BIGHA(HDE)Bihar 803202213:0013:011 mins615 kms
54FATUHA(FUT)Bihar213:0713:081 mins620 kms
55PATNA SAHEB(PNC)Bihar 800008213:4513:461 mins632 kms
56GULZARBAGH(GZH)Bihar214:0114:021 mins635 kms
57RAJENDRANAGAR T(RJPB)Madhya Pradesh 452012214:1014:122 mins640 kms
58PATNA JN(PNBE)Bihar 800001214:2014:3010 mins642 kms
59PHULWARI SHARIF(PWS)Bihar 800014214:4114:421 mins649 kms
60DANAPUR(DNR)Bihar 801105214:5015:0010 mins652 kms
61NEORA(NEO)Bihar 801113215:0515:061 mins658 kms
62SADISOPUR(SDE)Bihar 801103215:1315:141 mins665 kms
63BIHTA(BTA)Bihar 801103215:2015:211 mins669 kms
64KOELWAR(KWR)Bihar 802160215:3415:351 mins678 kms
65KULHARIA(KUA)Bihar 802161215:4215:431 mins681 kms
66ARA(ARA)Bihar 802301215:5816:035 mins691 kms
67KARISATH(KRS)Bihar 802162216:1116:121 mins701 kms
68BIHIYA(BEA)Bihar 802183216:2216:231 mins713 kms
69BANAHI(BYN)Bihar 802183216:3016:311 mins719 kms
70RAGHUNATHPUR(RPR)Odisha 754102216:4016:411 mins727 kms
71TWINING GANJ(TWG)Bihar 802111216:4916:501 mins736 kms
72DUMRAON(DURE)216:5716:581 mins744 kms
73BUXAR(BXR)Bihar 802101217:2917:345 mins760 kms
74CHAUSA(CSA)Bihar 802114217:4117:421 mins771 kms
75GAHMAR(GMR)Uttar Pradesh 232327217:4917:501 mins780 kms
76BHADAURA(BWH)Uttar Pradesh 232333217:5918:001 mins788 kms
77DILDARNAGAR JN(DLN)Uttar Pradesh 232326218:1018:155 mins796 kms
78ZAMANIA(ZNA)Uttar Pradesh218:2618:271 mins810 kms
79SAKALDIHA(SLD)Uttar Pradesh 232108219:4019:411 mins836 kms
80MUGHAL SARAI JN(MGS)Uttar Pradesh 232101220:4020:5010 mins854 kms
81VARANASI JN(BSB)Uttar Pradesh 221001221:4022:0525 mins871 kms
82SULTANPUR(SLN)Delhi 110030300:0700:092 mins1014 kms
83LUCKNOW(LKO)Uttar Pradesh 226001302:4502:5510 mins1154 kms
84HARDOI(HRI)Uttar Pradesh 241001304:1904:201 mins1256 kms
85BAREILLY(BE)Uttar Pradesh 243001306:1506:205 mins1389 kms
86MORADABAD(MB)Uttar Pradesh 244001308:0508:1510 mins1480 kms
87GHAZIABAD(GZB)Uttar Pradesh 201009311:0711:092 mins1621 kms
88DELHI(DLI)Delhi 110006311:55Destination0 mins1640 kms