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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.12511 - RAPTI SAGAR EXP

Train number 12511 / RAPTI SAGAR EXP runs between GORAKHPUR(GKP) and TRIVANDRUM CNTL(TVC). The train departs from GORAKHPUR(GKP) at 06:35 hrs and reaches TRIVANDRUM CNTL(TVC) at 17:15 hrs on day 3. RAPTI SAGAR EXP travels a total distance of 3253 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 59 stopping stations between GORAKHPUR(GKP) and TRIVANDRUM CNTL(TVC) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1GORAKHPUR(GKP)Uttar Pradesh1Source06:350 mins0 kms
2KHALILABAD(KLD)Uttar Pradesh 272175107:1307:152 mins35 kms
3BASTI(BST)Uttar Pradesh 272002107:4007:455 mins65 kms
4MANKAPUR JN(MUR)Uttar Pradesh 271302108:3508:372 mins126 kms
5GONDA JN(GD)109:0709:125 mins154 kms
6BARABANKI JN(BBK)Uttar Pradesh 225001110:2710:292 mins243 kms
7BADSHAHNAGAR(BNZ)Uttar Pradesh 226006110:5610:582 mins267 kms
8LUCKNOWJN(LJN)Uttar Pradesh 226001111:3011:5020 mins279 kms
9UNNAO JN(ON)Uttar Pradesh 209801112:4012:422 mins335 kms
10KANPUR CENTRAL(CNB)Uttar Pradesh 244235113:1713:225 mins353 kms
11POKHRAYAN(PHN)Uttar Pradesh 209111114:1714:192 mins411 kms
12ORAI(ORAI)Uttar Pradesh 285001114:5815:002 mins458 kms
13JHANSI JN(JHS)Uttar Pradesh 284003116:4516:5510 mins572 kms
14LALITPUR(LAR)Uttar Pradesh 284403118:0718:092 mins662 kms
15BHOPAL JN(BPL)Madhya Pradesh 462001121:1521:205 mins863 kms
16ITARSI JN(ET)Madhya Pradesh 461122123:0023:055 mins955 kms
17GHORADONGRI(GDYA)Madhya Pradesh 460443200:0700:092 mins1025 kms
18BETUL(BZU)Madhya Pradesh 460001200:5300:552 mins1062 kms
19AMLA JN(AMLA)Madhya Pradesh 460551201:1901:223 mins1084 kms
20PANDHURNA(PAR)Madhya Pradesh 480334202:1702:192 mins1148 kms
21NAGPUR(NGP)Maharashtra 440001203:5004:0010 mins1252 kms
22SEVAGRAM(SEGM)Maharashtra 442001204:5805:002 mins1328 kms
23HINGANGHAT(HGT)Maharashtra 442301205:3805:402 mins1365 kms
24CHANDRAPUR(CD)West Bengal 743248206:5606:582 mins1449 kms
25BALHARSHAH(BPQ)Maharashtra 442901208:2508:3510 mins1463 kms
26SIRPUR KAGAZNGR(SKZR)Telangana 504296209:2409:262 mins1533 kms
27BELAMPALLI(BPA)Telangana 504251210:0210:042 mins1571 kms
28MANCHERAL(MCI)Telangana210:1810:202 mins1591 kms
29RAMGUNDAM(RDM)Telangana 505208210:2810:302 mins1605 kms
30WARANGAL(WL)Telangana 506002212:0312:052 mins1707 kms
31KHAMMAM(KMT)Telangana213:3513:372 mins1814 kms
32VIJAYAWADA JN(BZA)Andhra Pradesh 520001215:5016:0515 mins1915 kms
33CHIRALA(CLX)Andhra Pradesh 523157217:1717:192 mins2004 kms
34ONGOLE(OGL)Andhra Pradesh 523001218:0218:042 mins2054 kms
35NELLORE(NLR)219:1819:202 mins2170 kms
36GUDUR JN(GDR)Andhra Pradesh 524101220:5320:552 mins2208 kms
37CHENNAI CENTRAL(MAS)Tamil Nadu 600003223:2023:5030 mins2345 kms
38KATPADI JN(KPD)Tamil Nadu 632007301:4501:505 mins2475 kms
39JOLARPETTAI(JTJ)Tamil Nadu 635853303:0803:102 mins2558 kms
40SALEM JN(SA)Tamil Nadu 636005304:4004:455 mins2679 kms
41ERODE JN(ED)Tamil Nadu 638002306:0006:1010 mins2741 kms
42TIRUPPUR(TUP)Tamil Nadu 641601306:5306:552 mins2791 kms
43COIMBATORE JN(CBE)Tamil Nadu 641001307:4007:455 mins2842 kms
44PALAKKAD(PGT)Kerala 678002308:5709:003 mins2896 kms
45OTTAPPALAM(OTP)Kerala 679101309:2309:252 mins2927 kms
46SHORANUR JN(SRR)Kerala 679121310:0510:1510 mins2940 kms
47WADAKANCHERI(WKI)Kerala 680623310:3010:322 mins2957 kms
48THRISUR(TCR)Kerala 680021310:4510:505 mins2973 kms
49IRINJALAKUDA(IJK)Kerala 680683311:0811:102 mins2997 kms
50CHALAKUDI(CKI)Kerala 680722311:1611:182 mins3003 kms
51ANGAMALI(AFK)Kerala 683572311:3111:332 mins3019 kms
52ALUVA(AWY)Kerala 683101311:5011:522 mins3028 kms
53ERNAKULAM TOWN(ERN)Kerala 682018312:1512:172 mins3045 kms
54ERNAKULAM JN(ERS)Kerala312:2512:305 mins3047 kms
55CHERTHALA(SRTL)Kerala 688524313:1113:132 mins3080 kms
56ALAPPUZHA(ALLP)Kerala 688012313:4313:463 mins3104 kms
57AMBALA PUZHA(AMPA)Kerala 688561313:5513:572 mins3116 kms
58HARIPAD(HAD)Kerala 690514314:1214:142 mins3134 kms
59KAYANKULAM(KYJ)Kerala 690502314:4314:452 mins3147 kms
60KOLLAM JN(QLN)Kerala 691001315:4515:505 mins3188 kms
61TRIVANDRUM CNTL(TVC)Kerala 695001317:15Destination0 mins3253 kms