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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.58002 - PURI SRC PASSENGER

Train number 58002 / PURI SRC PASSENGER runs between PURI(PURI) and SANTRAGACHI JN(SRC). The train departs from PURI(PURI) at 09:40 hrs and reaches SANTRAGACHI JN(SRC) at 01:45 hrs on day 2. PURI SRC PASSENGER travels a total distance of 518 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 88 stopping stations between PURI(PURI) and SANTRAGACHI JN(SRC) along the route.
Days on which the train runs
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1PURI(PURI)Odisha 7520021SRC09:400 mins0 kms
2MALATIPATPUR(MLT)Odisha 752008109:5209:531 mins7 kms
3JANKIDAIPUR(JKDP)Odisha 752012109:5910:000 mins10 kms
4SAKHI GOPAL(SIL)Odisha 752014110:0710:081 mins16 kms
5BIRPURUSOTHAMPR(BRST)Odisha 752046110:1310:141 mins21 kms
6JENAPUR ROAD(JPRD)110:1910:201 mins25 kms
7DELANG(DEG)Odisha 752016110:2510:261 mins27 kms
8KANAS ROAD(KASR)Odisha 752015110:3110:321 mins32 kms
9MOTARI HALT(MWQ)Odisha 752015110:3610:371 mins35 kms
10HARIPUR GRAM(HPGM)Odisha 752050110:4210:431 mins40 kms
11KHURDA ROAD JN(KUR)Odisha 754005111:0511:105 mins43 kms
12RETANG(RTN)Odisha 752054111:2111:221 mins51 kms
13LINGARAJ TMP RD(LGTR)111:3011:311 mins57 kms
14BHUBANESWAR(BBS)Odisha 751009111:4011:455 mins62 kms
15MANCHESWAR(MCS)Bhubaneswar111:5511:561 mins69 kms
16BARANG(BRAG)Odisha 754005112:0612:071 mins78 kms
17NARAJ MARTHAPUR(NQR)Odisha 754006112:1812:191 mins87 kms
18SARPESWAR PH(SPSR)Odisha 754027112:2412:251 mins90 kms
19GHANTIKHAL NDPR(GHNH)Odisha 754027112:3012:311 mins94 kms
20RADHAKISHOREPUR(RQP)Odisha 754029112:3612:371 mins100 kms
21MACHAPUR(MZY)Odisha 754029112:4412:451 mins102 kms
22GURUDIJHATIA(GJTA)Odisha 754025112:5312:541 mins109 kms
23BADA PADAGAON(BDPG)Odisha 754028112:5913:000 mins114 kms
24CHARBATIA(CBT)Odisha 754028113:0513:061 mins118 kms
25SALAGAON(SQQ)Odisha 754025113:1313:141 mins122 kms
26KAPILAS ROAD(KIS)Odisha 754022113:2013:211 mins127 kms
27SRI JHADESHWAR ROAD(SJDR)Odisha 754082113:2613:271 mins133 kms
28BYREE(BYY)Odisha 754082113:3213:331 mins137 kms
29BARITHENGARH(BRTG)Odisha 754024113:3813:391 mins141 kms
30DHANMANDAL(DNM)Odisha 754296113:4213:431 mins147 kms
31HARIDASPUR(HDS)Odisha 755044113:4613:471 mins152 kms
32NEW GARH MADHOPUR(NGMP)Odisha 755023113:5113:521 mins162 kms
33JENAPUR(JEN)Odisha 755023113:5813:591 mins168 kms
34BRAHAMANI PH(BRMI)Odisha 755026114:0414:051 mins173 kms
35JAKHAPURA(JKPR)Odisha 755026114:1014:111 mins176 kms
36JAJPUR K ROAD(JJKR)Odisha 755019114:2514:305 mins184 kms
37KORAI HALT(KRIH)Odisha 755022114:3614:371 mins189 kms
38BAITARANI ROAD(BTV)Odisha 755025114:4314:441 mins195 kms
39DULAKHAPATNA(DLPT)Odisha 755025114:4914:501 mins201 kms
40MANJURI ROAD(MZZ)Odisha 756121114:5814:591 mins204 kms
41KENDUAPADA(KED)Odisha 756112115:0515:061 mins212 kms
42KAPALI ROAD(KPLD)Jharkhand115:1115:121 mins216 kms
43BAUDPUR(BUDR)Odisha 756113115:1815:202 mins221 kms
44BHADRAKH(BHC)Odisha 756101117:0017:055 mins227 kms
45RANITAL(RNTL)Odisha 756111117:1317:141 mins235 kms
46MARKONA(MKO)Odisha 756126117:2117:221 mins241 kms
47SABIRA(SZZ)Odisha 756045117:3417:351 mins247 kms
48SORO(SORO)Odisha 756045117:4217:431 mins256 kms
49BAHANAGA BAZAR(BNBR)Odisha 756042117:5417:551 mins265 kms
50PANPANA(PNPN)Odisha 756043118:0418:051 mins269 kms
51KHANTAPARA(KHF)Odisha 756053118:1018:111 mins274 kms
52NILGIRI ROAD(NGRD)Gujarat 394210118:1718:181 mins279 kms
53BALASORE(BLS)Odisha 756001118:3018:355 mins289 kms
54TIKIRAPAL HALT(TKPL)Odisha 756003118:4218:431 mins294 kms
55HALDIPADA(HIP)Odisha 756027118:5018:511 mins301 kms
56RUPSA JN(ROP)Odisha 756028119:0019:011 mins307 kms
57N MAYURBHANJ RD(NMBR)Odisha 756029119:0919:101 mins313 kms
58BASTA(BTS)Odisha 756029119:1519:161 mins317 kms
59AMARDA ROAD(ARD)Odisha 756030119:2319:241 mins323 kms
60RAJGHAT HALT(RGT)Odisha 756032119:3219:331 mins329 kms
61JALESWAR(JER)West Bengal 756032119:4019:411 mins337 kms
62LAKSHANNATH RD(LXD)Odisha 756086119:4819:491 mins343 kms
63ANGUA(AGV)West Bengal 721426119:5519:561 mins349 kms
64DANTAN(DNT)West Bengal 721426120:0120:021 mins353 kms
65NIKURSINI(NSI)West Bengal 721451120:1420:151 mins362 kms
66BELDA(BLDA)West Bengal 721424120:2420:251 mins370 kms
67KHARAGPUR JN(KGP)West Bengal 721301121:4522:3550 mins408 kms
68JAKPUR(JPR)West Bengal 721301122:4622:471 mins415 kms
69MADPUR(MPD)West Bengal 721149122:5322:541 mins420 kms
70SHYAM CHAK(SMCK)West Bengal 721301123:0023:011 mins426 kms
71BALICHAK(BCK)West Bengal 721124123:0723:081 mins432 kms
72RADHAMOHANPUR(RDU)West Bengal 721160123:1523:161 mins438 kms
73HAUR(HAUR)West Bengal 721131123:2123:221 mins443 kms
74PANSKURA(PKU)West Bengal 721634123:3023:333 mins452 kms
75BHOGPUR(BOP)West Bengal 721151123:4223:442 mins461 kms
76MECHEDA(MCA)West Bengal 721137123:5023:511 mins467 kms
77KOLAGHAT GOODS(KIG)West Bengal 721134200:0000:010 mins470 kms
78DEULTI(DTE)West Bengal 711303200:0600:070 mins474 kms
79BAGNAN(BZN)West Bengal 711303200:1300:140 mins480 kms
80KULGACHIA(KGY)West Bengal 711306200:2200:230 mins485 kms
81BIR SHIBPUR(BSBP)West Bengal 711316200:3100:320 mins489 kms
82ULUBARIA(ULB)West Bengal 711315200:3600:380 mins493 kms
83PHULESWAR(FLR)West Bengal 711316200:4400:450 mins495 kms
84CHENGEL(CGA)West Bengal 711308200:4900:500 mins498 kms
85BAURIA JN(BVA)West Bengal 711305200:5500:560 mins501 kms
86NALPUR(NALR)West Bengal 711310201:0101:021 mins505 kms
87ABADA(ABB)West Bengal 711313201:0601:071 mins508 kms
88SANKRALL(SEL)West Bengal 711313201:1001:111 mins509 kms
89ANDUL(ADL)West Bengal 711302201:1701:181 mins513 kms
90SANTRAGACHI JN(SRC)West Bengal 711109201:45DSTN0 mins518 kms