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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.14307 - PRG BE EXPRESS

Train number 14307 / PRG BE EXPRESS runs between PRAYAG(PRG) and BAREILLY(BE). The train departs from PRAYAG(PRG) at 22:15 hrs and reaches BAREILLY(BE) at 10:55 hrs on day 2. PRG BE EXPRESS travels a total distance of 461 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 38 stopping stations between PRAYAG(PRG) and BAREILLY(BE) along the route.
Days on which the train runs
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1PRAYAG(PRG)Uttar Pradesh 2110021Source22:150 mins0 kms
2PHAPHAMAU JN(PFM)Uttar Pradesh 211013122:2722:292 mins7 kms
3SIWAITH(SWE)Uttar Pradesh 211013122:3922:412 mins13 kms
4MAU AIMMA(MEM)Uttar Pradesh 212507123:0123:032 mins27 kms
5BISHNATHGANJ(BTJ)Uttar Pradesh 230404123:2623:282 mins38 kms
6BHUPIA MAU(VPO)Uttar Pradesh 230131123:4123:432 mins48 kms
7PARTAPGARH JN(PBH)Uttar Pradesh 230001200:1000:155 mins53 kms
8CHILBILA JN(CIL)Uttar Pradesh 230403200:2200:242 mins57 kms
9JAGESHARGANJ(JGJ)Uttar Pradesh 230501200:3200:342 mins66 kms
10ANTU(ANTU)Uttar Pradesh 230501200:4200:442 mins74 kms
11MISRAULI(MFL)Uttar Pradesh 227413200:5700:592 mins82 kms
12AMETHI(AME)Uttar Pradesh 227405201:0701:092 mins88 kms
13TALAKHAJURI(TLKH)Uttar Pradesh 227409201:1701:192 mins96 kms
14GAURIGANJ(GNG)Uttar Pradesh 227409201:2801:302 mins101 kms
15BANI(BANI)Uttar Pradesh 227409201:3801:402 mins110 kms
16KASIMPUR(KCJ)Uttar Pradesh 229305201:4601:482 mins117 kms
17JAIS(JAIS)Uttar Pradesh201:5201:542 mins119 kms
18FURSATGANJ(FTG)Uttar Pradesh 229302202:0302:052 mins130 kms
19RUPAMAU(RUM)Uttar Pradesh 229010202:1402:162 mins139 kms
20RAE BARELI JN(RBL)Uttar Pradesh 229001203:1203:175 mins148 kms
21GANGAGANJ(GANG)Uttar Pradesh 229001203:2703:292 mins156 kms
22HARCHANDPUR(HCP)Uttar Pradesh 229303203:3603:382 mins163 kms
23KUNEANGANJ(KVG)Uttar Pradesh 229303203:4503:472 mins169 kms
24BACHHRAWAN(BCN)Uttar Pradesh 229301203:5503:572 mins179 kms
25SHRIRAJNAGAR(SAGR)Uttar Pradesh 229311204:0404:062 mins185 kms
26NIGOHAN(NHN)Uttar Pradesh 226302204:1304:152 mins190 kms
27KANKAHA(KKAH)Uttar Pradesh 226303204:2204:242 mins197 kms
28MOHANLALGANJ(MLJ)Uttar Pradesh 226301204:3104:332 mins205 kms
29UTRAHTIA(UTR)205:4305:452 mins214 kms
30LUCKNOW(LKO)Uttar Pradesh 226001206:3006:4010 mins226 kms
31ALAMNAGAR(AMG)Uttar Pradesh 226017207:0207:042 mins232 kms
32SANDILA(SAN)Uttar Pradesh 241204207:3407:362 mins275 kms
33HARDOI(HRI)Uttar Pradesh 241001208:2008:222 mins328 kms
34ANJHI SHAHABAD(AJI)Uttar Pradesh 241124208:4608:482 mins360 kms
35ROZA JN(ROZA)Uttar Pradesh 242306209:1609:182 mins383 kms
36SHAHJEHANPUR(SPN)Uttar Pradesh 242001209:3009:355 mins390 kms
37TILHAR(TLH)Uttar Pradesh 242307209:5009:522 mins409 kms
38BILPUR(BLPU)Uttar Pradesh 243506210:0710:092 mins425 kms
39PITAMBARPUR(PMR)Uttar Pradesh 243503210:2410:262 mins441 kms
40BAREILLY(BE)Uttar Pradesh 243001210:55Destination0 mins461 kms