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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.12485 - NED SGNR EXPRES

Train number 12485 / NED SGNR EXPRES runs between NANDED(NED) and SHRI GANGANAGAR(SGNR). The train departs from NANDED(NED) at 11:00 hrs and reaches SHRI GANGANAGAR(SGNR) at 22:30 hrs on day 2. NED SGNR EXPRES travels a total distance of 1965 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 24 stopping stations between NANDED(NED) and SHRI GANGANAGAR(SGNR) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1NANDED(NED)Maharashtra 4316011Source11:000 mins0 kms
2PURNA JN(PAU)Maharashtra 431511111:3011:4010 mins31 kms
3HINGOLI DECCAN(HNL)Maharashtra 431513112:5913:001 mins111 kms
4WASHIM(WHM)Maharashtra 444505113:4913:501 mins159 kms
5AKOLA JN(AK)Maharashtra 444001116:0016:055 mins238 kms
6MALKAPUR(MKU)Telangana 508252117:0317:052 mins327 kms
7KHANDWA(KNW)Madhya Pradesh 450001120:1020:155 mins501 kms
8ITARSI JN(ET)Madhya Pradesh 461122122:3022:4010 mins684 kms
9BHOPAL JN(BPL)Madhya Pradesh 462001200:2000:255 mins776 kms
10BINA JN(BINA)Madhya Pradesh 470113202:3302:385 mins914 kms
11JHANSI JN(JHS)Uttar Pradesh 284003204:4004:5010 mins1067 kms
12GWALIOR JN.(GWL)Madhya Pradesh 474002206:0406:051 mins1164 kms
13AGRA CANTT(AGC)Uttar Pradesh 282001209:1009:155 mins1283 kms
14MATHURA JN(MTJ)Uttar Pradesh210:0710:103 mins1336 kms
15NEW DELHI(NDLS)Delhi 110006213:0013:3030 mins1477 kms
16ROHTAK JN(ROK)Haryana 124001214:5715:003 mins1548 kms
17JAKHAL JN(JHL)Haryana 125133217:0317:052 mins1677 kms
18SANGRUR(SAG)Punjab 148001217:4617:471 mins1727 kms
19DHURI JN(DUI)Punjab 148024218:2018:3515 mins1743 kms
20BARNALA(BNN)Punjab 148101218:5919:012 mins1774 kms
21TAPA(TAPA)Punjab 148108219:1919:201 mins1793 kms
22RAMPURA PHUL(PUL)Punjab 151103219:3319:341 mins1806 kms
23BHATINDA JN(BTI)Punjab 151001220:1020:155 mins1839 kms
24GIDDARBAHA(GDB)Punjab 152101220:3720:392 mins1866 kms
25ABOHAR(ABS)Punjab 152116221:1421:151 mins1912 kms
26SHRI GANGANAGAR(SGNR)Rajasthan 335001222:30Destination0 mins1965 kms