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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.13021 - MITHILA EXPRESS

Train number 13021 / MITHILA EXPRESS runs between HOWRAH JN(HWH) and RAXUAL JN(RXL). The train departs from HOWRAH JN(HWH) at 15:45 hrs and reaches RAXUAL JN(RXL) at 08:30 hrs on day 2. MITHILA EXPRESS travels a total distance of 693 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 40 stopping stations between HOWRAH JN(HWH) and RAXUAL JN(RXL) along the route.
Days on which the train runs
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1HOWRAH JN(HWH)West Bengal 7111011Source15:450 mins0 kms
2SERAMPORE(SRP)West Bengal 712201116:0816:091 mins20 kms
3SEORAPHULI(SHE)West Bengal 712223116:2016:255 mins23 kms
4CHANDAN NAGAR(CGR)West Bengal 712136116:3416:351 mins33 kms
5BANDEL JN(BDC)West Bengal 712123116:4716:525 mins40 kms
6BARDDHAMAN(BWN)West Bengal 713103118:1018:144 mins107 kms
7PANAGARH(PAN)West Bengal 713420118:4718:481 mins155 kms
8DURGAPUR(DGR)West Bengal 713201119:0419:095 mins171 kms
9WARIA(OYR)West Bengal 713207119:1719:181 mins179 kms
10ANDAL JN(UDL)West Bengal 713321119:2819:302 mins187 kms
11RANIGANJ(RNG)West Bengal 713347119:3819:391 mins194 kms
12ASANSOL JN(ASN)West Bengal 713301120:0320:085 mins213 kms
13SITARAMPUR(STN)West Bengal 713359120:2020:222 mins222 kms
14RUPNARAYANPUR(RNPR)West Bengal 713364120:3320:341 mins233 kms
15CHITTARANJAN(CRJ)West Bengal 815354120:4320:463 mins238 kms
16JAMTARA(JMT)Jharkhand 815352121:0021:011 mins252 kms
17VIDYASAGAR(VDS)Jharkhand 815352121:1921:201 mins270 kms
18MADHUPUR JN(MDP)Jharkhand 815353121:4321:474 mins294 kms
19JASIDIH JN(JSME)Jharkhand 814142122:1122:165 mins323 kms
20JHAJHA(JAJ)Bihar 811308123:2123:265 mins367 kms
21KIUL JN(KIUL)Bihar 811310200:0500:105 mins421 kms
22BARAUNI JN(BJU)Bihar 851116201:4002:0020 mins460 kms
23TEGHRA(TGA)Bihar 851114202:1202:131 mins468 kms
24BACHWARA JN(BCA)202:2502:261 mins477 kms
25DALSINGH SARAI(DSS)Bihar 848114202:4002:411 mins488 kms
26UJIARPUR(UJP)Bihar 848132202:5302:541 mins502 kms
27SAMASTIPUR JN(SPJ)203:1503:205 mins511 kms
28KARPOORIGRAM(KPGM)Bihar 848129203:3203:331 mins517 kms
29KHUDIRAM B PUSA(KRBP)Bihar203:4103:421 mins524 kms
30DUBAHA(DUBH)Bihar 848125203:5103:521 mins532 kms
31DHOLI(DOL)Bihar 843105203:5904:001 mins538 kms
32SIHO(SIHO)Bihar 843119204:0804:091 mins545 kms
33SILAUT(SLT)Bihar 843119204:1704:181 mins551 kms
34NARAYNPUR ANANT(NRPA)Bihar 842002204:2604:271 mins558 kms
35MUZAFFARPUR JN(MFP)Bihar 842001205:0005:1515 mins563 kms
36MOTIPUR(MTR)Bihar 843111205:3905:401 mins589 kms
37MEHSI(MAI)Bihar 845426205:5505:561 mins602 kms
38CHAKIA(CAA)Bihar 845412206:1006:111 mins611 kms
39BAPUDM MOTIHARI(BMKI)Bihar 845401206:4906:545 mins642 kms
40SAGAULI JN(SGL)Bihar 845456207:1507:4025 mins663 kms
41RAMGARHWA(RGH)Bihar 845433207:5307:552 mins678 kms
42RAXUAL JN(RXL)Bihar 845305208:30Destination0 mins693 kms