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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.53614 - MGS GAYA PASSENGER

Train number 53614 / MGS GAYA PASSENGER runs between MUGHAL SARAI JN(MGS) and GAYA JN(GAYA). The train departs from MUGHAL SARAI JN(MGS) at 04:00 hrs and reaches GAYA JN(GAYA) at 10:25 hrs on the same day. MGS GAYA PASSENGER travels a total distance of 204 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 26 stopping stations between MUGHAL SARAI JN(MGS) and GAYA JN(GAYA) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1MUGHAL SARAI JN(MGS)Uttar Pradesh 2321011SRC04:000 mins0 kms
2CHANDAULI MJHWR(CDMR)Uttar Pradesh 232104104:1804:191 mins16 kms
3SAIDRAJA(SYJ)Uttar Pradesh 232110104:2804:291 mins25 kms
4KARAMNASA(KMS)Uttar Pradesh 232110104:3804:391 mins33 kms
5DURGAUTI(DGO)Bihar 821105104:5104:521 mins44 kms
6BHABUA ROAD(BBU)Bihar 821109105:0005:011 mins54 kms
7PUSAULI(PSE)Bihar 821101105:1405:151 mins67 kms
8KUDRA(KTQ)Bihar 821101105:2305:241 mins76 kms
9KHURMABAD ROAD(KVD)Maharashtra 444728105:3205:331 mins82 kms
10SHIU SAGAR ROAD(SSG)Bihar 821111105:5205:531 mins87 kms
11KUMAHU(KMGE)Bihar 821111105:5906:012 mins93 kms
12SASARAM(SSM)Bihar 821115106:0806:091 mins101 kms
13KARWANDIA(KWD)Bihar 821305106:1606:171 mins109 kms
14PAHALEJA HALT(PHE)Bihar 821305106:2406:251 mins114 kms
15DEHRI ON SONE(DOS)Bihar 821307106:4806:502 mins119 kms
16SON NAGAR(SEB)Bihar 824112106:5706:581 mins125 kms
17CHIRAILA(CPBH)Bihar 824112107:0607:071 mins130 kms
18ANUGRAHA N ROAD(AUBR)Maharashtra 400051107:1307:141 mins135 kms
19PHESAR(PES)Bihar 824121107:2507:261 mins144 kms
20BAGHOI KUSA(BHKH)Bihar 824122107:3307:341 mins149 kms
21JAKHIM(JHN)Bihar 824122107:5507:561 mins155 kms
22DEO ROAD(DORD)Bihar 824121108:0308:041 mins159 kms
23RAFIGANJ(RFJ)Bihar 824125108:2408:251 mins167 kms
24ISMAILPUR(IMGE)Bihar 824118108:3408:351 mins176 kms
25GURARU(GRRU)Bihar 824118108:4408:451 mins183 kms
26PARAIYA(PRY)Bihar 824209108:5308:541 mins188 kms
27KASTHA(KSTA)Bihar 824209109:0209:031 mins196 kms
28GAYA JN(GAYA)Bihar 823002110:25DSTN0 mins204 kms