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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.11093 - MAHANAGARI EXP

Train number 11093 / MAHANAGARI EXP runs between MUMBAI CST(CSTM) and VARANASI JN(BSB). The train departs from MUMBAI CST(CSTM) at 00:10 hrs and reaches VARANASI JN(BSB) at 04:40 hrs on day 2. MAHANAGARI EXP travels a total distance of 1515 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 25 stopping stations between MUMBAI CST(CSTM) and VARANASI JN(BSB) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1MUMBAI CST(CSTM)Maharashtra 4000011Source00:100 mins0 kms
2DADAR(DR)Maharashtra 400028100:2300:252 mins9 kms
3THANE(TNA)Maharashtra100:4800:502 mins34 kms
4KALYAN JN(KYN)Maharashtra 400007101:1201:153 mins54 kms
5IGATPURI(IGP)Maharashtra 422403103:0303:052 mins137 kms
6NASIK ROAD(NK)Maharashtra 422214103:5303:552 mins188 kms
7MANMAD JN(MMR)Maharashtra 423104104:5004:555 mins261 kms
8JALGAON JN(JL)Maharashtra 425001106:3806:402 mins420 kms
9BHUSAVAL JN(BSL)Maharashtra 425201107:1007:2010 mins445 kms
10BURHANPUR(BAU)Madhya Pradesh 450331108:0808:102 mins499 kms
11NEPANAGAR(NPNR)Madhya Pradesh 450221108:2808:302 mins526 kms
12KHANDWA(KNW)Madhya Pradesh 450001109:5510:005 mins568 kms
13ITARSI JN(ET)Madhya Pradesh 461122112:4012:5010 mins752 kms
14PIPARIYA(PPI)Madhya Pradesh 461775113:5213:542 mins819 kms
15NARSINGHPUR(NU)Madhya Pradesh 487001114:5214:542 mins913 kms
16MADAN MAHAL(MML)Madhya Pradesh 482002115:5415:562 mins993 kms
17JABALPUR(JBP)Madhya Pradesh 482001116:1016:2010 mins997 kms
18KATNI(KTE)Madhya Pradesh 483504117:3017:355 mins1087 kms
19MAIHAR(MYR)Madhya Pradesh 485771118:2818:302 mins1150 kms
20SATNA(STA)Madhya Pradesh 485001119:2019:3010 mins1186 kms
21MANIKPUR JN(MKP)Uttar Pradesh 210208121:5021:555 mins1263 kms
22CHEOKI(COI)Uttar Pradesh 211008200:1200:3220 mins1355 kms
23VINDHYACHAL(BDL)Uttar Pradesh 231307201:5301:552 mins1428 kms
24MIRZAPUR(MZP)West Bengal 742227202:1802:202 mins1436 kms
25CHUNAR(CAR)Uttar Pradesh 231304202:5302:552 mins1467 kms
26KASHI(KEI)Uttar Pradesh 221001204:1804:202 mins1510 kms
27VARANASI JN(BSB)Uttar Pradesh 221001204:40Destination0 mins1515 kms