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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.51814 - LKO JHS PASSENGER

Train number 51814 / LKO JHS PASSENGER runs between LUCKNOW(LKO) and JHANSI JN(JHS). The train departs from LUCKNOW(LKO) at 16:35 hrs and reaches JHANSI JN(JHS) at 00:02 hrs on day 2. LKO JHS PASSENGER travels a total distance of 293 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 37 stopping stations between LUCKNOW(LKO) and JHANSI JN(JHS) along the route.
Days on which the train runs
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1LUCKNOW(LKO)Uttar Pradesh 2260011SRC16:350 mins0 kms
2LKO ALAMBAGH W CABIN(LNWT)Uttar Pradesh 226005116:4316:452 mins2 kms
3MANAK NAGAR(MKG)Uttar Pradesh 226011117:0117:021 mins4 kms
4AMAUSI(AMS)Uttar Pradesh 226009117:0917:101 mins12 kms
5PIPARSAND(POF)Uttar Pradesh 226008117:1717:181 mins18 kms
6HARAUNI(HRN)Uttar Pradesh 226401117:2617:271 mins24 kms
7JAITIPUR(JTU)Uttar Pradesh 209859117:3517:361 mins32 kms
8KUSUMBHI(KVX)Uttar Pradesh 209841117:4217:431 mins36 kms
9AJGAIN(AJ)Uttar Pradesh 209831117:4917:501 mins40 kms
10SONIK(SIC)Uttar Pradesh 209801117:5817:591 mins48 kms
11UNNAO JN(ON)Uttar Pradesh 209801118:0818:102 mins56 kms
12MAGARWARA(MGW)Uttar Pradesh 209861118:2018:211 mins62 kms
13KANPUR BGE L BK(CPB)Uttar Pradesh 208001118:3718:381 mins69 kms
14KANPUR CENTRAL(CNB)Uttar Pradesh 244235118:5019:000 mins73 kms
15GOVINDPURI(GOY)Uttar Pradesh 208006119:1319:152 mins77 kms
16BHIMSEN(BZM)Uttar Pradesh 208020119:2919:301 mins87 kms
17BINAUR(BNAR)Uttar Pradesh 209214119:3719:392 mins94 kms
18RASULPURGOGAMAU(RPGU)Uttar Pradesh 209121119:4619:482 mins98 kms
19PAMAN(PMN)Uttar Pradesh119:5719:581 mins102 kms
20TILAUNCHI(TLNH)Uttar Pradesh 209311120:0620:082 mins110 kms
21LALPUR(LLR)Gujarat 361170120:1620:171 mins116 kms
22MALASA(MLS)Uttar Pradesh 209312120:2420:262 mins121 kms
23POKHRAYAN(PHN)Uttar Pradesh 209111120:3620:371 mins131 kms
24CHAUNRAH(CNH)Uttar Pradesh 209112120:4720:481 mins140 kms
25KALPI(KPI)Uttar Pradesh 285204120:5720:581 mins145 kms
26ATA(ATA)Uttar Pradesh 206241121:1421:162 mins163 kms
27ORAI(ORAI)Uttar Pradesh 285001121:2921:345 mins179 kms
28BHUA(BHUA)Uttar Pradesh 285001121:4521:472 mins190 kms
29AIT(AIT)Uttar Pradesh 285201121:5822:000 mins204 kms
30PARAUNA(PRN)Uttar Pradesh 285201122:1022:122 mins215 kms
31ERICH ROAD(ERC)Uttar Pradesh 284306122:2222:242 mins225 kms
32MOTH(MOTH)Uttar Pradesh 284303122:3322:352 mins237 kms
33NANKHAS(NDK)Uttar Pradesh 284303122:5322:552 mins249 kms
34CHIRGAON(CGN)Uttar Pradesh 284301123:0623:082 mins261 kms
35PARICHAA THERMA(PTSC)Uttar Pradesh 284121123:1523:161 mins268 kms
36PARICHA(PIC)Uttar Pradesh 284121123:2223:242 mins270 kms
37GARHMAU(GRM)Uttar Pradesh 284128123:3223:342 mins278 kms
38MUSTARA(MSV)Uttar Pradesh 284128123:4023:422 mins284 kms
39JHANSI JN(JHS)Uttar Pradesh 284003200:02DSTN0 mins293 kms