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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.14006 - LICHCHAVI EXP

Train number 14006 / LICHCHAVI EXP runs between ANAND VIHAR TRM(ANVT) and SITAMARHI(SMI). The train departs from ANAND VIHAR TRM(ANVT) at 15:10 hrs and reaches SITAMARHI(SMI) at 20:45 hrs on day 2. LICHCHAVI EXP travels a total distance of 1193 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 39 stopping stations between ANAND VIHAR TRM(ANVT) and SITAMARHI(SMI) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1ANAND VIHAR TRM(ANVT)1Source15:100 mins0 kms
2GHAZIABAD(GZB)Uttar Pradesh 201009115:3815:402 mins13 kms
3DADRI(DER)Uttar Pradesh 201306116:0316:052 mins30 kms
4KHURJA JN(KRJ)Uttar Pradesh 203132116:3816:402 mins76 kms
5ALIGARH JN(ALJN)Uttar Pradesh 202001117:1017:122 mins119 kms
6TUNDLA JN(TDL)Uttar Pradesh 283204119:1019:155 mins197 kms
7KANPUR CENTRAL(CNB)Uttar Pradesh 244235123:2523:3510 mins427 kms
8ALLAHABAD JN(ALD)Uttar Pradesh 211001202:3002:5525 mins621 kms
9ALLAHABAD CITY(ALY)Uttar Pradesh 211003203:0503:072 mins623 kms
10GYANPUR ROAD(GYN)Uttar Pradesh 221401204:1304:152 mins685 kms
11BHULANPUR(BHLP)Uttar Pradesh 221004205:3205:342 mins739 kms
12VARANASI JN(BSB)Uttar Pradesh 221001206:1506:2510 mins745 kms
13JAKHANIAN(JKN)Uttar Pradesh 275203207:3107:332 mins809 kms
14MAU JN(MAU)Uttar Pradesh 275101208:1008:155 mins838 kms
15BELTHARA ROAD(BLTR)Uttar Pradesh 221715208:4908:512 mins873 kms
16LAR ROAD(LRD)Uttar Pradesh 274505209:0809:102 mins886 kms
17SALEMPUR JN(SRU)Uttar Pradesh 274701209:2509:272 mins896 kms
18BHATNI JN(BTT)Uttar Pradesh 274701209:5510:2732 mins906 kms
19BHATPAR RANI(BHTR)Uttar Pradesh 274702210:3810:402 mins919 kms
20MAIRWA(MW)Bihar 841239210:5410:562 mins933 kms
21JIRADEI(ZRDE)Bihar 841245211:0911:112 mins944 kms
22SIWAN JN(SV)Bihar 841226211:1511:205 mins955 kms
23DURAUNDHA JN(DDA)Bihar 841233211:4611:482 mins972 kms
24EKMA(EKMA)Bihar 841208212:2112:232 mins988 kms
25CHHAPRA(CPR)Madhya Pradesh 483440213:3013:5323 mins1015 kms
26CHHAPRA KACHERI(CI)Bihar 841301214:0014:022 mins1017 kms
27GOIDINGANJ(GJH)Bihar 841211214:0814:102 mins1026 kms
28DUMRI JUARA(DRI)Bihar 841211214:1614:182 mins1031 kms
29BARA GOPAL(BAGL)Bihar 841211214:2314:252 mins1035 kms
30AWATARNAGAR(ATNR)Bihar 841225214:3214:342 mins1040 kms
31DIGHWARA(DGA)Bihar 841207214:4114:432 mins1046 kms
32SITALPUR(STLR)Bihar 841221214:4914:512 mins1050 kms
33NAYAGAON(NYO)Bihar 841217214:5815:002 mins1058 kms
34PARMANANDPUR(PMU)Bihar 841101215:0615:082 mins1062 kms
35SONPUR JN(SEE)Bihar 841101215:2515:305 mins1069 kms
36HAJIPUR JN(HJP)Bihar 854105215:4315:452 mins1075 kms
37BHAGWANPUR(BNR)Bihar 844114216:4216:442 mins1094 kms
38GORAUL(GRL)Bihar 844118217:0117:032 mins1102 kms
39MUZAFFARPUR JN(MFP)Bihar 842001218:2018:5030 mins1128 kms
40RUNNI SAIDPUR(RUSD)Bihar 843326219:4119:432 mins1170 kms
41SITAMARHI(SMI)Bihar 843301220:45Destination0 mins1193 kms