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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.14005 - LICHCHAVI EXP

Train number 14005 / LICHCHAVI EXP runs between SITAMARHI(SMI) and ANAND VIHAR TRM(ANVT). The train departs from SITAMARHI(SMI) at 02:35 hrs and reaches ANAND VIHAR TRM(ANVT) at 04:35 hrs on day 2. LICHCHAVI EXP travels a total distance of 1193 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 39 stopping stations between SITAMARHI(SMI) and ANAND VIHAR TRM(ANVT) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1SITAMARHI(SMI)Bihar 8433011Source02:350 mins0 kms
2RUNNI SAIDPUR(RUSD)Bihar 843326102:5402:551 mins24 kms
3MUZAFFARPUR JN(MFP)Bihar 842001104:2004:5030 mins65 kms
4GORAUL(GRL)Bihar 844118105:1905:201 mins91 kms
5BHAGWANPUR(BNR)Bihar 844114105:2905:301 mins99 kms
6HAJIPUR JN(HJP)Bihar 854105106:0406:051 mins119 kms
7SONPUR JN(SEE)Bihar 841101106:1506:205 mins124 kms
8PARMANANDPUR(PMU)Bihar 841101106:3006:311 mins131 kms
9NAYAGAON(NYO)Bihar 841217106:3806:391 mins136 kms
10SITALPUR(STLR)Bihar 841221106:4706:481 mins143 kms
11DIGHWARA(DGA)Bihar 841207106:5506:561 mins148 kms
12AWATARNAGAR(ATNR)Bihar 841225107:0407:051 mins153 kms
13BARA GOPAL(BAGL)Bihar 841211107:1607:171 mins158 kms
14DUMRI JUARA(DRI)Bihar 841211107:2307:241 mins162 kms
15GOIDINGANJ(GJH)Bihar 841211107:3007:311 mins167 kms
16CHHAPRA KACHERI(CI)Bihar 841301107:5908:001 mins176 kms
17CHHAPRA(CPR)Madhya Pradesh 483440108:1008:2010 mins178 kms
18EKMA(EKMA)Bihar 841208108:4208:431 mins206 kms
19CHAINWA(CW)Bihar 841204108:5508:561 mins213 kms
20DURAUNDHA JN(DDA)Bihar 841233109:0709:081 mins221 kms
21SIWAN JN(SV)Bihar 841226109:4509:505 mins239 kms
22JIRADEI(ZRDE)Bihar 841245110:0210:042 mins249 kms
23MAIRWA(MW)Bihar 841239110:1010:111 mins260 kms
24BHATPAR RANI(BHTR)Uttar Pradesh 274702110:2610:271 mins275 kms
25BHATNI JN(BTT)Uttar Pradesh 274701110:5511:2025 mins287 kms
26SALEMPUR JN(SRU)Uttar Pradesh 274701111:3311:352 mins298 kms
27LAR ROAD(LRD)Uttar Pradesh 274505111:4511:461 mins307 kms
28BELTHARA ROAD(BLTR)Uttar Pradesh 221715112:0012:011 mins320 kms
29MAU JN(MAU)Uttar Pradesh 275101112:3512:405 mins355 kms
30JAKHANIAN(JKN)Uttar Pradesh 275203113:2013:222 mins385 kms
31VARANASI JN(BSB)Uttar Pradesh 221001114:4014:5515 mins448 kms
32BHULANPUR(BHLP)Uttar Pradesh 221004115:0815:091 mins454 kms
33MADHOSINGH(MBS)Uttar Pradesh 221301115:4815:502 mins495 kms
34GYANPUR ROAD(GYN)Uttar Pradesh 221401116:0916:101 mins508 kms
35ALLAHABAD CITY(ALY)Uttar Pradesh 211003118:3318:352 mins570 kms
36ALLAHABAD JN(ALD)Uttar Pradesh 211001118:5019:1525 mins572 kms
37KANPUR CENTRAL(CNB)Uttar Pradesh 244235121:5522:005 mins767 kms
38ALIGARH JN(ALJN)Uttar Pradesh 202001202:0502:072 mins1074 kms
39KHURJA JN(KRJ)Uttar Pradesh 203132202:3702:392 mins1118 kms
40GHAZIABAD(GZB)Uttar Pradesh 201009204:0504:072 mins1180 kms
41ANAND VIHAR TRM(ANVT)204:35Destination0 mins1193 kms