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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.51432 - LD MRJ PASSENGER

Train number 51432 / LD MRJ PASSENGER runs between LONDA JN(LD) and MIRAJ JN(MRJ). The train departs from LONDA JN(LD) at 11:45 hrs and reaches MIRAJ JN(MRJ) at 16:25 hrs on the same day. LD MRJ PASSENGER travels a total distance of 188 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 19 stopping stations between LONDA JN(LD) and MIRAJ JN(MRJ) along the route.
Days on which the train runs
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1LONDA JN(LD)Karnataka 5913011SRC11:450 mins0 kms
2GUNJI(GNJ)Karnataka 591302111:5612:000 mins13 kms
3KHANAPUR(KNP)Karnataka 591302112:1012:122 mins25 kms
4IDALHOND(IDJ)Karnataka 591302112:1812:202 mins32 kms
5DESUR(DUR)Karnataka 590014112:2612:282 mins40 kms
6BELGAUM(BGM)Karnataka 590001112:4312:452 mins50 kms
7SULEBHAVI(SBH)Karnataka 591103112:5612:571 mins66 kms
8SULADHAL(SUL)Karnataka 591101113:1213:153 mins78 kms
9PACHHAPUR(PCH)Karnataka 591122113:2413:251 mins87 kms
10PARKANHATTI(PRKH)Karnataka 591107113:3213:331 mins94 kms
11GOKAK ROAD(GKK)Karnataka113:4413:451 mins103 kms
12GHATPRABHA(GPB)Karnataka 591306113:5313:541 mins108 kms
13BAGEWADI(BGWD)Karnataka 591305114:0214:031 mins116 kms
14CHIKODI ROAD(CKR)Karnataka 591222114:1914:201 mins123 kms
15RAYBAG(RBG)Karnataka 591317114:3614:371 mins137 kms
16CHINCHLI(CNC)Karnataka 591217114:4914:501 mins148 kms
17KUDACHI(KUD)Karnataka 591311114:5714:581 mins155 kms
18UGAR KHURD(UGR)Karnataka 591316115:0915:101 mins161 kms
19SHEDBAL(SED)Karnataka 591315115:1915:201 mins171 kms
20VIJAYANAGAR(VJR)Maharashtra 416410115:3015:355 mins180 kms
21MIRAJ JN(MRJ)Maharashtra 416410116:25DSTN0 mins188 kms