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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.51822 - KURJ JHS PASSENGER

Train number 51822 / KURJ JHS PASSENGER runs between KHAJURAHO(KURJ) and JHANSI JN(JHS). The train departs from KHAJURAHO(KURJ) at 12:30 hrs and reaches JHANSI JN(JHS) at 18:15 hrs on the same day. KURJ JHS PASSENGER travels a total distance of 201 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 18 stopping stations between KHAJURAHO(KURJ) and JHANSI JN(JHS) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1KHAJURAHO(KURJ)Madhya Pradesh 4716061SRC12:300 mins0 kms
2RAJNAGAR(RJAK)Madhya Pradesh 471625112:4212:442 mins14 kms
3SINGHPURDUMRA(SPDM)Madhya Pradesh 471501112:5813:000 mins33 kms
4RANGAULI(RGLI)Madhya Pradesh 471510113:0913:101 mins40 kms
5CHITHARI HALT(CHIT)Uttar Pradesh 471510113:2013:211 mins52 kms
6MAHOBA(MBA)Uttar Pradesh 210427113:4514:000 mins63 kms
7CHARKHARI ROAD(CRC)Uttar Pradesh 210426114:1114:121 mins73 kms
8KULPAHAR(KLAR)Uttar Pradesh 210426114:2214:242 mins84 kms
9BELA TAL(BTX)Uttar Pradesh 210423114:3314:352 mins93 kms
10GHUTAI(GTI)Uttar Pradesh 210429114:4514:472 mins105 kms
11HARPALPUR(HPP)Uttar Pradesh 471111114:5815:000 mins116 kms
12RORA(RORA)Uttar Pradesh 284204115:2015:222 mins127 kms
13MAU RANIPUR(MRPR)Uttar Pradesh 284204115:3215:342 mins137 kms
14RANIPUR ROAD(RNRD)Bihar 803201115:4515:472 mins147 kms
15TEHARKA(TKA)Madhya Pradesh 472447116:0016:022 mins157 kms
16MAGARPUR(MGRR)Uttar Pradesh 284205116:2016:211 mins165 kms
17NIVARI(NEW)Uttar Pradesh 472442116:3116:332 mins170 kms
18BARWA SAGAR(BWR)Madhya Pradesh 284201116:4516:472 mins179 kms
19ORCHHA(ORC)Uttar Pradesh 472246117:0017:022 mins189 kms
20JHANSI JN(JHS)Uttar Pradesh 284003118:15DSTN0 mins201 kms