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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.58302 - KRPU SBP PASSENGER

Train number 58302 / KRPU SBP PASSENGER runs between KORAPUT(KRPU) and SAMBALPUR(SBP). The train departs from KORAPUT(KRPU) at 02:30 hrs and reaches SAMBALPUR(SBP) at 18:10 hrs on the same day. KRPU SBP PASSENGER travels a total distance of 494 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 38 stopping stations between KORAPUT(KRPU) and SAMBALPUR(SBP) along the route.
Days on which the train runs
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1KORAPUT(KRPU)Odisha 7640211SRC02:300 mins0 kms
2DUMURIPUT(DMRT)Odisha 764021102:4302:452 mins10 kms
3DAMAN JODI(DMNJ)Odisha 763008103:0003:022 mins18 kms
4BAIGUDA(BGUA)Odisha 763008103:2003:222 mins33 kms
5KAKRI GUMA(KKGM)Odisha 765013103:3603:382 mins45 kms
6LAKSHMIPUR ROAD(LKMR)West Bengal 732201103:5603:582 mins61 kms
7SINGARAM(SGRM)Odisha 765013104:1404:162 mins74 kms
8TIKIRI(TKRI)Odisha 765015104:3004:322 mins83 kms
9RAVLI(RUL)Odisha 765015104:4804:502 mins95 kms
10LELIGUMMA(LLGM)Odisha 765017105:1105:132 mins112 kms
11BHALUMASKA(BLMK)Odisha 765017105:3105:332 mins128 kms
12SIKRIPAI(SKPI)Odisha 765017105:4605:482 mins139 kms
13KEUTIGUA(KTGA)Odisha 765017106:1006:122 mins154 kms
14SINGAPURAM ROAD(SPRD)Odisha 765017106:4006:422 mins163 kms
15RAYAGADA(RGDA)Odisha 765001107:3508:000 mins172 kms
16THERUBALI(THV)Odisha 765018108:2808:302 mins191 kms
17BISSAMCUTTACK(BMCK)Odisha 765019108:5008:522 mins209 kms
18MUNIGUDA(MNGD)Odisha 765020109:0809:102 mins226 kms
19DOIKALLU(DKLU)Odisha 765020109:2209:242 mins240 kms
20AMBODALA(AMB)Odisha 765021109:3509:372 mins251 kms
21LANJIGARH ROAD(LJR)Odisha 766110109:5009:522 mins265 kms
22NORIA ROAD(NRLR)110:0010:022 mins276 kms
23RUPRA ROAD(RPRD)Odisha 766101110:1010:122 mins283 kms
24KANDEL ROAD(KDLR)Odisha 766012110:2010:222 mins290 kms
25KESINGA(KSNG)Odisha 766012111:5812:000 mins299 kms
26TITLAGARH(TIG)Odisha 767033112:2012:3010 mins312 kms
27SIKIR(SFK)Odisha 767033112:4012:422 mins322 kms
28BADMAL(BUDM)Odisha 767070112:5012:522 mins332 kms
29SAINTALA(SFC)Odisha 767032113:0013:022 mins341 kms
30DEOGAN ROAD(DFR)Odisha 767067113:1313:152 mins358 kms
31BALANGIR(BLGR)Odisha 767001113:3013:355 mins375 kms
32LOISINGHA(LSX)Odisha 767020113:5013:522 mins394 kms
33KHALIPALI(KHPL)Odisha 767021114:0014:022 mins405 kms
34DUNGRIPADI(DJX)Odisha 767023114:1314:152 mins418 kms
35BARPALI(BRPL)Odisha 768029114:2814:302 mins432 kms
36BARGARH ROAD(BRGA)Odisha 768028114:4514:505 mins451 kms
37ATTABIRA(ATS)Odisha 768027115:0015:022 mins469 kms
38GODBHAGA(GBQ)Odisha 768025115:1315:152 mins477 kms
39HIRAKUD(HKG)Odisha 768019115:3015:322 mins487 kms
40SAMBALPUR(SBP)Odisha 768003118:10DSTN0 mins494 kms