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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.58005 - KGP KUR PASSENGER

Train number 58005 / KGP KUR PASSENGER runs between KHARAGPUR JN(KGP) and KHURDA ROAD JN(KUR). The train departs from KHARAGPUR JN(KGP) at 04:40 hrs and reaches KHURDA ROAD JN(KUR) at 12:25 hrs on the same day. KGP KUR PASSENGER travels a total distance of 364 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 30 stopping stations between KHARAGPUR JN(KGP) and KHURDA ROAD JN(KUR) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1KHARAGPUR JN(KGP)West Bengal 7213011SRC04:400 mins0 kms
2NARAYANGARH(NYA)West Bengal 721437105:0005:011 mins25 kms
3BAKHRABAD(VKD)West Bengal 721424105:0705:081 mins31 kms
4BELDA(BLDA)West Bengal 721424105:1405:151 mins37 kms
5NIKURSINI(NSI)West Bengal 721451105:2305:241 mins45 kms
6DANTAN(DNT)West Bengal 721426105:3205:331 mins54 kms
7LAKSHANNATH RD(LXD)Odisha 756086105:4305:441 mins64 kms
8JALESWAR(JER)West Bengal 756032105:5105:521 mins70 kms
9RAJGHAT HALT(RGT)Odisha 756032106:0006:011 mins78 kms
10AMARDA ROAD(ARD)Odisha 756030106:0806:091 mins84 kms
11BASTA(BTS)Odisha 756029106:1606:171 mins90 kms
12N MAYURBHANJ RD(NMBR)Odisha 756029106:2306:241 mins94 kms
13RUPSA JN(ROP)Odisha 756028106:3206:331 mins100 kms
14HALDIPADA(HIP)Odisha 756027106:4106:432 mins106 kms
15BALASORE(BLS)Odisha 756001106:5807:035 mins118 kms
16NILGIRI ROAD(NGRD)Gujarat 394210107:1007:122 mins128 kms
17KHANTAPARA(KHF)Odisha 756053107:1807:202 mins133 kms
18BAHANAGA BAZAR(BNBR)Odisha 756042107:2807:302 mins142 kms
19SORO(SORO)Odisha 756045107:3807:402 mins151 kms
20MARKONA(MKO)Odisha 756126107:5607:571 mins166 kms
21RANITAL(RNTL)Odisha 756111108:0308:052 mins172 kms
22BHADRAKH(BHC)Odisha 756101108:5008:555 mins180 kms
23MANJURI ROAD(MZZ)Odisha 756121109:1209:131 mins203 kms
24BAITARANI ROAD(BTV)Odisha 755025109:2009:211 mins212 kms
25JAJPUR K ROAD(JJKR)Odisha 755019109:3509:372 mins223 kms
26DHANMANDAL(DNM)Odisha 754296110:0210:042 mins260 kms
27KAPILAS ROAD(KIS)Odisha 754022110:1810:202 mins281 kms
28GHANTIKHAL NDPR(GHNH)Odisha 754027110:5310:552 mins313 kms
29BARANG(BRAG)Odisha 754005111:2611:271 mins329 kms
30BHUBANESWAR(BBS)Odisha 751009111:5012:000 mins345 kms
31LINGARAJ TMP RD(LGTR)112:0312:041 mins350 kms
32KHURDA ROAD JN(KUR)Odisha 754005112:25DSTN0 mins364 kms