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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.58425 - KDJR BBS PASSENGER

Train number 58425 / KDJR BBS PASSENGER runs between KENDUJHAR(KDJR) and BHUBANESWAR(BBS). The train departs from KENDUJHAR(KDJR) at 06:15 hrs and reaches BHUBANESWAR(BBS) at 11:45 hrs on the same day. KDJR BBS PASSENGER travels a total distance of 214 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 20 stopping stations between KENDUJHAR(KDJR) and BHUBANESWAR(BBS) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1KENDUJHAR(KDJR)Odisha 7580021SRC06:150 mins0 kms
2NARANPUR(NANR)Odisha 758014106:2306:241 mins5 kms
3BASANTAPUR(BSTP)Odisha 758014106:3506:361 mins14 kms
4SITABINJ(STBJ)Odisha 758027106:4906:501 mins28 kms
5NILAKANTHESWAR ASTHA(NKW)Odisha 758028107:0107:021 mins38 kms
6HARI CHANDANPUR(HCNR)Odisha 758028107:1507:161 mins49 kms
7CHILIKIDARA(CLDR)Odisha 758080107:3007:311 mins60 kms
8SAGADAPATA(SGDP)Odisha 758082107:4107:421 mins71 kms
9TANGIRI APAL(TGRL)107:5908:000 mins88 kms
10TOMKA(TMKA)Odisha 758025108:1108:121 mins98 kms
11BAGHUAPAL(BGPL)Odisha 755026108:2208:231 mins106 kms
12SUKINDA ROAD(SKND)Odisha 755019108:3308:341 mins115 kms
13JAKHAPURA(JKPR)Odisha 755026109:2009:222 mins122 kms
14KAPILAS ROAD(KIS)Odisha 754022110:0210:042 mins172 kms
15CUTTACK(CTC)Odisha 753003110:3010:355 mins186 kms
16KATHA JORI(KTJI)Odisha 753003110:4110:421 mins188 kms
17GOPALPUR BALKDA(GBK)Odisha 753011110:5210:531 mins191 kms
18BARANG(BRAG)Odisha 754005111:0611:071 mins198 kms
19PATIA HALT(PTAB)Odisha 751024111:1611:171 mins204 kms
20MANCHESWAR(MCS)Bhubaneswar111:2311:252 mins207 kms
21BANI BIHAR(BNBH)Odisha 751007111:3011:311 mins211 kms
22BHUBANESWAR(BBS)Odisha 751009111:45DSTN0 mins214 kms