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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.16524 - BANGALORE EXP

Train number 16524 / BANGALORE EXP runs between KARWAR(KAWR) and BANGALORE CY JN(SBC). The train departs from KARWAR(KAWR) at 14:40 hrs and reaches BANGALORE CY JN(SBC) at 08:20 hrs on day 2. BANGALORE EXP travels a total distance of 857 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 26 stopping stations between KARWAR(KAWR) and BANGALORE CY JN(SBC) along the route.
Days on which the train runs
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1KARWAR(KAWR)Karnataka 5813061Source14:400 mins0 kms
2ANKOLA(ANKL)Karnataka 581314115:0015:011 mins40 kms
3GOKARNA ROAD (HALT)(GOK)Karnataka 581353115:1115:121 mins51 kms
4KUMTA(KT)Karnataka 581362115:3015:311 mins78 kms
5HONNAVAR(HNA)Karnataka 581341115:4715:481 mins97 kms
6MURDESHWAR(MRDW)Karnataka 581350116:1916:201 mins134 kms
7BHATKAL(BTJL)Karnataka 581320116:3516:361 mins154 kms
8BYNDOOR(BYNR)Karnataka 576232116:5516:561 mins176 kms
9KUNDAPURA(KUDA)Karnataka 576211117:4117:421 mins223 kms
10BARKUR(BKJ)Karnataka 576210117:5717:581 mins245 kms
11UDUPI(UD)Karnataka 576104118:1518:161 mins268 kms
12MULKI(MULK)Karnataka 574154119:0119:021 mins314 kms
13SURATHKAL(SL)Karnataka 575014119:2119:221 mins326 kms
14MANGALORE(MAQ)Karnataka 575001120:1020:5545 mins355 kms
15MANGALORE JN(MAJN)Karnataka 575007121:0921:101 mins360 kms
16BANTAWALA(BNTL)Karnataka 574219121:4321:452 mins379 kms
17KABAKA PUTTUR(KBPR)Karnataka 574201122:1322:152 mins404 kms
18SUBRAHMANYA ROAD(SBHR)Karnataka 574230122:5023:0010 mins446 kms
19SAKLESHPUR(SKLR)Karnataka 573127201:2501:3510 mins557 kms
20HASSAN(HAS)Karnataka 573201202:4503:0015 mins599 kms
21HOLE NARSIPUR(HLN)Karnataka 573211203:2803:302 mins630 kms
22KRISHNARAJANAGAR(KRNR)Karnataka 571602204:1804:202 mins684 kms
23MYSORE JN(MYS)Karnataka 570001205:1505:3015 mins719 kms
24MANDYA(MYA)Karnataka 571401206:0806:102 mins764 kms
25CHANNAPATNA(CPT)Karnataka 562160206:4906:501 mins802 kms
26RAMANAGARAM(RMGM)Karnataka 562159207:0407:051 mins813 kms
27KENGERI(KGI)Karnataka 560060207:3407:351 mins845 kms
28BANGALORE CY JN(SBC)Karnataka 560076208:20Destination0 mins857 kms