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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.22511 - KARMABHOOMI EXP

Train number 22511 / KARMABHOOMI EXP runs between LOKMANYATILAK T(LTT) and KAMAKHYA(KYQ). The train departs from LOKMANYATILAK T(LTT) at 11:30 hrs and reaches KAMAKHYA(KYQ) at 18:25 hrs on day 3. KARMABHOOMI EXP travels a total distance of 2940 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 24 stopping stations between LOKMANYATILAK T(LTT) and KAMAKHYA(KYQ) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1LOKMANYATILAK T(LTT)Maharashtra 4000891Source11:300 mins0 kms
2KALYAN JN(KYN)Maharashtra 400007112:0712:103 mins38 kms
3MANMAD JN(MMR)Maharashtra 423104116:1816:202 mins245 kms
4BHUSAVAL JN(BSL)Maharashtra 425201118:3018:4515 mins429 kms
5AKOLA JN(AK)Maharashtra 444001120:3520:405 mins569 kms
6NAGPUR(NGP)Maharashtra 440001201:2501:4520 mins821 kms
7GONDIA JN(G)Maharashtra 441601203:2103:232 mins951 kms
8RAIPUR JN(R)Chattisgarh206:0006:1010 mins1122 kms
9BILASPUR JN(BSP)Chhattisgarh 495004208:0508:2015 mins1232 kms
10RAIGARH(RIG)Chhattisgarh 496001210:1810:202 mins1365 kms
11JHARSUGUDA JN(JSG)Odisha 768201211:5011:522 mins1438 kms
12RAURKELA(ROU)Odisha 769001213:1013:2515 mins1539 kms
13TATANAGAR JN(TATA)Jharkhand 831007216:3016:355 mins1703 kms
14KHARAGPUR JN(KGP)West Bengal 721301219:1019:3020 mins1837 kms
15HOWRAH JN(HWH)West Bengal 711101221:3021:5525 mins1952 kms
16BARDDHAMAN(BWN)West Bengal 713103223:5323:563 mins2047 kms
17BOLPUR S NIKTN(BHP)West Bengal300:4500:472 mins2098 kms
18RAMPUR HAT(RPH)West Bengal 731224302:0802:102 mins2158 kms
19PAKAUR(PKR)Jharkhand 816107302:5202:542 mins2212 kms
20MALDA TOWN(MLDT)West Bengal305:0505:2015 mins2280 kms
21NEW JALPAIGURI(NJP)West Bengal 734004309:0009:2020 mins2512 kms
22SILIGURI JN(SGUJ)West Bengal 734001310:0010:055 mins2519 kms
23HASIMARA(HSA)West Bengal 735214312:1512:172 mins2646 kms
24ALIPUR DUAR JN(APDJ)West Bengal 736123313:2513:305 mins2680 kms
25NEW BONGAIGAON(NBQ)Assam 783381315:3515:405 mins2790 kms
26KAMAKHYA(KYQ)Assam 781012318:25Destination0 mins2940 kms