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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.11078 - JHELUM EXPRESS

Train number 11078 / JHELUM EXPRESS runs between JAMMU TAWI(JAT) and PUNE JN(PUNE). The train departs from JAMMU TAWI(JAT) at 21:45 hrs and reaches PUNE JN(PUNE) at 15:10 hrs on day 3. JHELUM EXPRESS travels a total distance of 2172 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 63 stopping stations between JAMMU TAWI(JAT) and PUNE JN(PUNE) along the route.
Days on which the train runs
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1JAMMU TAWI(JAT)1800121Source21:450 mins0 kms
2VIJIYPUR JAMMU(VJPJ)184120122:0322:052 mins21 kms
3SAMBA(SMBX)184121122:2022:222 mins33 kms
4HIRA NAGAR(HRNR)Gujarat 390020122:3622:382 mins48 kms
5KATHUA(KTHU)184102123:0523:072 mins77 kms
6PATHANKOT CANTT(PTKC)Punjab 145001123:4523:505 mins100 kms
7MUKERIAN(MEX)Punjab 144214200:2700:292 mins139 kms
8DASUYA(DZA)Punjab 144205200:4600:482 mins155 kms
9JALANDHAR CANT(JRC)Punjab 144005201:4501:505 mins213 kms
10PHAGWARA JN(PGW)Punjab 144401202:0302:052 mins229 kms
11LUDHIANA JN(LDH)Punjab 141001203:0503:1510 mins265 kms
12KHANNA(KNN)Punjab 141401204:0204:042 mins307 kms
13SIRHIND JN(SIR)Punjab 140406204:2004:3212 mins325 kms
14RAJPURA JN(RPJ)Punjab 140401204:4904:512 mins351 kms
15AMBALA CITY(UBC)Haryana 134001205:1205:142 mins371 kms
16AMBALA CANT JN(UMB)Haryana 133001205:4005:5010 mins378 kms
17SHAHBAD MARKNDA(SHDM)Haryana 136135206:0906:112 mins398 kms
18KURUKSHETRA JN(KKDE)Haryana 136118206:3406:362 mins420 kms
19TARAORI(TRR)Haryana 132116206:5406:562 mins441 kms
20KARNAL(KUN)Haryana 132001207:1007:122 mins453 kms
21GHARAUNDA(GRA)Haryana 132114207:2807:302 mins471 kms
22PANIPAT JN(PNP)Haryana 132108207:4707:492 mins487 kms
23SAMALKHA(SMK)Haryana 132101208:0208:042 mins504 kms
24GANAUR(GNU)Haryana 131101208:1608:182 mins516 kms
25SONIPAT(SNP)Haryana 131304208:3308:352 mins532 kms
26NARELA(NUR)Delhi 110040208:5108:532 mins550 kms
27SUBZI MANDI(SZM)Delhi 110007209:2809:302 mins573 kms
28NEW DELHI(NDLS)Delhi 110006209:5510:1520 mins577 kms
29FARIDABAD(FDB)Haryana 121003210:4310:452 mins605 kms
30MATHURA JN(MTJ)Uttar Pradesh212:3512:405 mins717 kms
31RAJA KI MANDI(RKM)Uttar Pradesh 282002213:1613:182 mins767 kms
32AGRA CANTT(AGC)Uttar Pradesh 282001213:3013:355 mins771 kms
33DHAULPUR(DHO)Rajasthan 328001214:3314:352 mins824 kms
34MORENA(MRA)Madhya Pradesh 476001214:5815:002 mins851 kms
35GWALIOR JN.(GWL)Madhya Pradesh 474002215:3115:365 mins890 kms
36DABRA(DBA)Madhya Pradesh 475110216:0916:112 mins932 kms
37DATIA(DAA)Madhya Pradesh 475661216:3716:390 mins962 kms
38JHANSI JN(JHS)Uttar Pradesh 284003217:2017:3010 mins987 kms
39BABINA(BAB)Uttar Pradesh 284401217:4617:482 mins1012 kms
40LALITPUR(LAR)Uttar Pradesh 284403218:3018:322 mins1077 kms
41DHAURA(DUA)Madhya Pradesh 284403219:0819:102 mins1105 kms
42BINA JN(BINA)Madhya Pradesh 470113220:0520:105 mins1139 kms
43GANJ BASODA(BAQ)Madhya Pradesh 464221220:4220:442 mins1185 kms
44VIDISHA(BHS)Madhya Pradesh 464001221:1221:142 mins1224 kms
45BHOPAL JN(BPL)Madhya Pradesh 462001222:1522:205 mins1278 kms
46HABIBGANJ(HBJ)Madhya Pradesh 462023222:3022:322 mins1284 kms
47HOSHANGABAD(HBD)Madhya Pradesh 461001223:3023:322 mins1351 kms
48ITARSI JN(ET)Madhya Pradesh 461122300:1500:205 mins1369 kms
49BANAPURA(BPF)Madhya Pradesh 461221300:4400:462 mins1403 kms
50HARDA(HD)Madhya Pradesh 461331301:1701:192 mins1445 kms
51CHHANERA(CAER)Madhya Pradesh 450116302:0202:042 mins1507 kms
52KHANDWA(KNW)Madhya Pradesh 450001303:2003:255 mins1553 kms
53BURHANPUR(BAU)Madhya Pradesh 450331304:1804:202 mins1622 kms
54BHUSAVAL JN(BSL)Maharashtra 425201305:0505:1510 mins1676 kms
55JALGAON JN(JL)Maharashtra 425001305:3805:402 mins1700 kms
56PACHORA JN(PC)Maharashtra 424201306:0806:102 mins1748 kms
57CHALISGAON JN(CSN)Maharashtra 424101306:3806:402 mins1793 kms
58NANDGAON(NGN)Maharashtra 423106307:0807:102 mins1835 kms
59MANMAD JN(MMR)Maharashtra 423104307:4007:5010 mins1860 kms
60KOPARGAON(KPG)Maharashtra 423603309:1309:152 mins1902 kms
61BELAPUR(BAP)Maharashtra 413709309:5810:002 mins1946 kms
62AHMADNAGAR(ANG)Maharashtra 414001311:0211:053 mins2013 kms
63DAUND JN(DD)Maharashtra 413801312:5513:1015 mins2097 kms
64URULI(URI)Maharashtra 412202313:4813:502 mins2144 kms
65PUNE JN(PUNE)Maharashtra 411027315:10Destination0 mins2172 kms