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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.18110 - JAT MURI ROU EX

Train number 18110 / JAT MURI ROU EX runs between JAMMU TAWI(JAT) and TATANAGAR JN(TATA). The train departs from JAMMU TAWI(JAT) at 14:20 hrs and reaches TATANAGAR JN(TATA) at 10:20 hrs on day 3. JAT MURI ROU EX travels a total distance of 2026 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 77 stopping stations between JAMMU TAWI(JAT) and TATANAGAR JN(TATA) along the route.
Days on which the train runs
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1JAMMU TAWI(JAT)1800121Source14:200 mins0 kms
2SAMBA(SMBX)184121114:5514:572 mins33 kms
3HIRA NAGAR(HRNR)Gujarat 390020115:1115:132 mins48 kms
4KATHUA(KTHU)184102115:4015:422 mins77 kms
5PATHANKOT(PTK)Punjab 145001116:2516:4520 mins100 kms
6DINA NAGAR(DNN)Punjab 143531117:1217:142 mins124 kms
7GURDASPUR(GSP)Punjab 143521117:2617:282 mins136 kms
8DHARIWAL(DHW)Punjab 143519117:5317:552 mins149 kms
9BATALA JN(BAT)Punjab 143505118:1518:172 mins168 kms
10AMRITSAR JN(ASR)Punjab 143001119:1019:3525 mins207 kms
11JANDIALA(JNL)Punjab 143149119:5019:522 mins226 kms
12BEAS(BEAS)Punjab 143201120:1020:122 mins249 kms
13JALANDHAR CITY(JUC)Punjab 144001120:5020:588 mins286 kms
14JALANDHAR CANT(JRC)Punjab 144005121:0621:082 mins290 kms
15PHAGWARA JN(PGW)Punjab 144401121:2121:232 mins307 kms
16PHILLAUR JN(PHR)Punjab 144035121:4221:442 mins329 kms
17LUDHIANA JN(LDH)Punjab 141001122:1022:2010 mins342 kms
18RAJPURA JN(RPJ)Punjab 140401123:3723:392 mins428 kms
19AMBALA CITY(UBC)Haryana 134001200:0100:021 mins449 kms
20AMBALA CANT JN(UMB)Haryana 133001200:3000:4010 mins456 kms
21SHAHBAD MARKNDA(SHDM)Haryana 136135200:5901:012 mins476 kms
22KURUKSHETRA JN(KKDE)Haryana 136118201:2401:262 mins498 kms
23KARNAL(KUN)Haryana 132001202:0502:072 mins531 kms
24PANIPAT JN(PNP)Haryana 132108202:4802:502 mins565 kms
25SONIPAT(SNP)Haryana 131304203:2103:232 mins610 kms
26SUBZI MANDI(SZM)Delhi 110007204:0804:102 mins650 kms
27DELHI(DLI)Delhi 110006204:3004:5020 mins653 kms
28GHAZIABAD(GZB)Uttar Pradesh 201009205:3005:322 mins673 kms
29CHOLA(CHL)Uttar Pradesh 203131206:1606:182 mins721 kms
30KHURJA JN(KRJ)Uttar Pradesh 203132206:3306:363 mins736 kms
31ALIGARH JN(ALJN)Uttar Pradesh 202001207:0607:115 mins779 kms
32HATHRAS JN(HRS)Uttar Pradesh 204102207:3307:363 mins809 kms
33JALESAR ROAD(JLS)Uttar Pradesh 207302207:5007:522 mins829 kms
34TUNDLA JN(TDL)Uttar Pradesh 283204208:3308:385 mins857 kms
35FIROZABAD(FZD)Uttar Pradesh 283203208:5108:532 mins873 kms
36SHIKOHABAD JN(SKB)Uttar Pradesh 283141209:1109:132 mins893 kms
37ETAWAH(ETW)Uttar Pradesh 206001209:5309:552 mins949 kms
38BHARTHANA(BNT)Uttar Pradesh 206242210:1510:172 mins969 kms
39PHAPHUND(PHD)Uttar Pradesh 206244210:4310:452 mins1005 kms
40JHINJHAK(JJK)Uttar Pradesh 209302211:0111:032 mins1025 kms
41RURA(RURA)Uttar Pradesh 209303211:1911:212 mins1044 kms
42PANKI(PNK)Uttar Pradesh 208020212:0812:102 mins1077 kms
43KANPUR CENTRAL(CNB)Uttar Pradesh 244235212:4012:5010 mins1087 kms
44FATEHPUR(FTP)Uttar Pradesh 212601213:4813:502 mins1164 kms
45ALLAHABAD JN(ALD)Uttar Pradesh 211001215:2215:3210 mins1281 kms
46MEJA ROAD(MJA)Uttar Pradesh 212305216:0116:032 mins1319 kms
47VINDHYACHAL(BDL)Uttar Pradesh 231307216:4216:442 mins1363 kms
48MIRZAPUR(MZP)West Bengal 742227217:0017:055 mins1371 kms
49CHUNAR(CAR)Uttar Pradesh 231304218:0318:052 mins1402 kms
50ROBERTS GANJ(RBGJ)Uttar Pradesh 231216219:5119:532 mins1478 kms
51CHURK(CUK)Uttar Pradesh 231216220:0820:102 mins1483 kms
52CHOPAN(CPU)Uttar Pradesh 231205221:5022:0010 mins1505 kms
53RENUKUT(RNQ)Uttar Pradesh 231208222:5622:582 mins1546 kms
54DUDDHINAGAR(DXN)Uttar Pradesh 231208223:2023:222 mins1568 kms
55WYNDHAMGANJ(WDM)Uttar Pradesh 231226223:4223:442 mins1590 kms
56NAGAR UNTARI(NUQ)Jharkhand 822121300:0800:102 mins1602 kms
57GARHWA(GHQ)Jharkhand 822114300:5600:582 mins1636 kms
58GARWA ROAD(GHD)Uttar Pradesh 221105301:1001:155 mins1646 kms
59DALTONGANJ(DTO)Jharkhand 822101301:5101:565 mins1679 kms
60BARWADIH JN(BRWD)302:2002:255 mins1706 kms
61LATEHAR(LTHR)Jharkhand 829207302:5803:002 mins1747 kms
62TORI(TORI)Jharkhand 829203303:3303:352 mins1780 kms
63KHALARI(KLRE)Jharkhand 829205303:5603:582 mins1808 kms
64PATRATU(PTRU)Jharkhand 829118304:5805:002 mins1844 kms
65BARKA KANA(BRKA)Jharkhand 829102305:5006:1020 mins1864 kms
66RAMGARH CANT(RMT)Jharkhand 829122306:2006:255 mins1869 kms
67MURI(MURI)Jharkhand 835101307:3508:1035 mins1922 kms
68TATISILWAI(TIS)Jharkhand 835103309:0809:102 mins1973 kms
69NAMKON(NKM)Jharkhand 834010309:1809:202 mins1980 kms
70RANCHI(RNC)Jharkhand 834001309:3509:4510 mins1984 kms
71HATIA(HTE)Jharkhand 834004310:0510:1510 mins1991 kms
72GOVINDPUR ROAD(GBX)Gujarat 382870310:4810:502 mins2032 kms
73POKLA(PKF)Jharkhand 835227311:1111:132 mins2052 kms
74BANO(BANO)Jharkhand 835201311:3811:402 mins2084 kms
75ORGA(ORGA)Odisha 835201312:5813:002 mins2120 kms
76RAURKELA(ROU)Odisha 769001314:05Destination0 mins2158 kms
77MURI(MURI)Jharkhand 835101307:3508:1035 mins1922 kms
78CHANDIL JN(CNI)Jharkhand 832401309:2509:272 mins1990 kms
79TATANAGAR JN(TATA)Jharkhand 831007310:20Destination0 mins2026 kms