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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.12370 - HW HWH S F EXP

Train number 12370 / HW HWH S F EXP runs between HARIDWAR JN(HW) and HOWRAH JN(HWH). The train departs from HARIDWAR JN(HW) at 23:55 hrs and reaches HOWRAH JN(HWH) at 03:15 hrs on day 3. HW HWH S F EXP travels a total distance of 1536 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 15 stopping stations between HARIDWAR JN(HW) and HOWRAH JN(HWH) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1HARIDWAR JN(HW)Uttarakhand 2494011Source23:550 mins0 kms
2MORADABAD(MB)Uttar Pradesh 244001202:3503:0025 mins167 kms
3BAREILLY(BE)Uttar Pradesh 243001204:2504:305 mins258 kms
4LUCKNOW(LKO)Uttar Pradesh 226001208:2008:3010 mins493 kms
5NIHALGARH(NHH)Uttar Pradesh 227809209:5109:532 mins582 kms
6SULTANPUR(SLN)Delhi 110030210:3710:392 mins633 kms
7VARANASI JN(BSB)Uttar Pradesh 221001212:5513:0510 mins776 kms
8MUGHAL SARAI JN(MGS)Uttar Pradesh 232101214:1014:2515 mins793 kms
9BUXAR(BXR)Bihar 802101215:3915:412 mins887 kms
10PATNA JN(PNBE)Bihar 800001217:5018:0010 mins1004 kms
11MOKAMEH JN(MKA)219:2219:242 mins1094 kms
12KIUL JN(KIUL)Bihar 811310220:2220:242 mins1128 kms
13JHAJHA(JAJ)Bihar 811308221:3221:375 mins1182 kms
14JASIDIH JN(JSME)Jharkhand 814142222:0922:112 mins1225 kms
15MADHUPUR JN(MDP)Jharkhand 815353222:3622:382 mins1254 kms
16ASANSOL JN(ASN)West Bengal 713301300:0100:065 mins1336 kms
17HOWRAH JN(HWH)West Bengal 711101303:15Destination0 mins1536 kms