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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.12840 - HOWRAH MAIL

Train number 12840 / HOWRAH MAIL runs between CHENNAI CENTRAL(MAS) and HOWRAH JN(HWH). The train departs from CHENNAI CENTRAL(MAS) at 23:45 hrs and reaches HOWRAH JN(HWH) at 04:10 hrs on day 3. HOWRAH MAIL travels a total distance of 1662 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 34 stopping stations between CHENNAI CENTRAL(MAS) and HOWRAH JN(HWH) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1CHENNAI CENTRAL(MAS)Tamil Nadu 6000031Source23:450 mins0 kms
2GUDUR JN(GDR)Andhra Pradesh 524101201:5001:522 mins138 kms
3NELLORE(NLR)202:1702:181 mins176 kms
4ONGOLE(OGL)Andhra Pradesh 523001203:4403:451 mins292 kms
5CHIRALA(CLX)Andhra Pradesh 523157204:2904:312 mins342 kms
6BAPATLA(BPP)Andhra Pradesh 522101204:4204:442 mins357 kms
7TENALI JN(TEL)Andhra Pradesh 522201205:1405:162 mins399 kms
8VIJAYAWADA JN(BZA)Andhra Pradesh 520001206:2506:4015 mins431 kms
9ELURU(EE)Andhra Pradesh 534005207:2607:271 mins490 kms
10TADEPALLIGUDEM(TDD)Andhra Pradesh 534101207:5908:001 mins538 kms
11NIDADAVOLU JN(NDD)Andhra Pradesh 534301208:2208:231 mins558 kms
12RAJAMUNDRY(RJY)Andhra Pradesh 533101209:0909:145 mins580 kms
13SAMALKOT JN(SLO)Andhra Pradesh 533440209:5209:531 mins630 kms
14ANNAVARAM(ANV)Andhra Pradesh 533408210:1910:201 mins667 kms
15TUNI(TUNI)Andhra Pradesh 533401210:3510:361 mins684 kms
16ANAKAPALLE(AKP)Andhra Pradesh 531001211:2111:221 mins747 kms
17VISAKHAPATNAM(VSKP)Andhra Pradesh 530004213:0513:2520 mins781 kms
18VIZIANAGRAM JN(VZM)Andhra Pradesh 535003214:2514:305 mins842 kms
19CHIPURUPALLE(CPP)214:5514:572 mins872 kms
20SRIKAKULAM ROAD(CHE)Andhra Pradesh 532185215:2815:302 mins911 kms
21NAUPADA JN(NWP)216:0516:072 mins958 kms
22PALASA(PSA)Andhra Pradesh 532222216:3316:352 mins984 kms
23SOMPETA(SPT)Andhra Pradesh 532290216:5817:002 mins1015 kms
24ICHCHPURAM(IPM)Andhra Pradesh 532312217:1417:162 mins1033 kms
25BRAHMAPUR(BAM)Maharashtra 441206217:3517:405 mins1058 kms
26CHATRAPUR(CAP)Odisha 761020217:5617:582 mins1079 kms
27BALUGAN(BALU)Odisha 752030218:4318:452 mins1134 kms
28KHURDA ROAD JN(KUR)Odisha 754005219:5520:1015 mins1204 kms
29BHUBANESWAR(BBS)Odisha 751009220:3520:405 mins1223 kms
30CUTTACK(CTC)Odisha 753003221:1521:205 mins1251 kms
31JAJPUR K ROAD(JJKR)Odisha 755019222:1522:172 mins1323 kms
32BHADRAKH(BHC)Odisha 756101223:2223:242 mins1367 kms
33BALASORE(BLS)Odisha 756001300:0900:145 mins1429 kms
34KHARAGPUR JN(KGP)West Bengal 721301301:4701:525 mins1547 kms
35SANTRAGACHI JN(SRC)West Bengal 711109303:1803:202 mins1655 kms
36HOWRAH JN(HWH)West Bengal 711101304:10Destination0 mins1662 kms