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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.51673 - ET STA PASSENGER

Train number 51673 / ET STA PASSENGER runs between ITARSI JN(ET) and SATNA(STA). The train departs from ITARSI JN(ET) at 04:00 hrs and reaches SATNA(STA) at 12:40 hrs on the same day. ET STA PASSENGER travels a total distance of 434 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 38 stopping stations between ITARSI JN(ET) and SATNA(STA) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1ITARSI JN(ET)Madhya Pradesh 4611221SRC04:000 mins0 kms
2GURRA(GRO)Madhya Pradesh 461111104:1104:121 mins10 kms
3SONTALAI(SQL)Madhya Pradesh 461111104:2104:221 mins19 kms
4BAGRA TAWA(BGTA)Madhya Pradesh 461661104:3304:341 mins26 kms
5GURAMKHEDI(GMD)Madhya Pradesh 461668104:4304:441 mins39 kms
6SOHAGPUR(SGP)Madhya Pradesh 461771104:5604:582 mins49 kms
7SOBHAPUR(SXF)Madhya Pradesh 461771105:0705:081 mins59 kms
8PIPARIYA(PPI)Madhya Pradesh 461775105:1705:181 mins67 kms
9BANKHEDI(BKH)Madhya Pradesh 461990105:3205:331 mins86 kms
10JUNEHTA(JHT)Madhya Pradesh 461990105:4005:411 mins92 kms
11SALICHAUKA ROAD(SCKR)Madhya Pradesh 487771105:5005:511 mins102 kms
12GADARWARA(GAR)Madhya Pradesh 487551106:0206:031 mins116 kms
13BOHANI(BNE)Madhya Pradesh 487441106:1206:131 mins129 kms
14KARAPGAON(KFY)Madhya Pradesh 487221106:2506:261 mins136 kms
15KARELI(KY)Madhya Pradesh 487221106:3206:342 mins145 kms
16NARSINGHPUR(NU)Madhya Pradesh 487001106:4906:501 mins161 kms
17GHATPINDRAI(GPC)Madhya Pradesh 487001106:5806:591 mins166 kms
18BELKHERA(BELD)Madhya Pradesh 487114107:0707:081 mins172 kms
19KARAK BEL(KKB)Madhya Pradesh 487118107:1307:141 mins176 kms
20SRIDHAM(SRID)Madhya Pradesh 487118107:2907:301 mins192 kms
21BIKRAMPUR(BMR)Madhya Pradesh 487118107:4007:411 mins203 kms
22BHITONI(BHTN)Madhya Pradesh 483119107:5107:521 mins215 kms
23BHERAGHAT(BRGT)Madhya Pradesh 483053108:1608:171 mins228 kms
24MADAN MAHAL(MML)Madhya Pradesh 482002108:3308:352 mins241 kms
25JABALPUR(JBP)Madhya Pradesh 482001109:0509:105 mins245 kms
26ADHARTAL(ADTL)Madhya Pradesh 482004109:2209:242 mins253 kms
27DEORI(DOE)Madhya Pradesh 483220109:3309:341 mins262 kms
28GOSALPUR(GSPR)Madhya Pradesh 483222109:4309:441 mins272 kms
29SIHORA ROAD(SHR)Maharashtra 441911109:5309:552 mins283 kms
30DUNDI(DDCE)Madhya Pradesh 483050110:0810:091 mins298 kms
31SLEEMANABAD RD(SBD)Madhya Pradesh 483440110:1810:191 mins308 kms
32SANSARPUR(SNRR)Madhya Pradesh 483440110:2710:281 mins315 kms
33NIWAR(NWR)Madhya Pradesh 483442110:3510:361 mins322 kms
34MADHAVNAGAR ROAD(MDRR)Madhya Pradesh 483442110:4410:451 mins330 kms
35KATNI(KTE)Madhya Pradesh 483504110:5511:000 mins335 kms
36JUKEHI(JKE)Madhya Pradesh 485773111:1911:201 mins353 kms
37AMDARA(UDR)Madhya Pradesh 485773111:3411:351 mins372 kms
38MAIHAR(MYR)Madhya Pradesh 485771111:5111:554 mins398 kms
39UNCHHERA(UHR)Madhya Pradesh 485661112:0412:051 mins413 kms
40SATNA(STA)Madhya Pradesh 485001112:40DSTN0 mins434 kms