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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.15006 - DDN GKP EXP

Train number 15006 / DDN GKP EXP runs between DEHRADUN(DDN) and GORAKHPUR(GKP). The train departs from DEHRADUN(DDN) at 15:30 hrs and reaches GORAKHPUR(GKP) at 07:55 hrs on day 2. DDN GKP EXP travels a total distance of 815 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 14 stopping stations between DEHRADUN(DDN) and GORAKHPUR(GKP) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1DEHRADUN(DDN)Uttarakhand 2480011Source15:300 mins0 kms
2HARIDWAR JN(HW)Uttarakhand 249401116:5017:2030 mins52 kms
3LAKSAR JN(LRJ)Uttarakhand 247663117:5017:555 mins79 kms
4NAJIBABAD JN(NBD)Uttar Pradesh 246763118:3018:355 mins121 kms
5MORADABAD(MB)Uttar Pradesh 244001120:1520:3015 mins219 kms
6RAMPUR(RMU)Uttar Pradesh 244901120:5821:002 mins246 kms
7BAREILLY(BE)Uttar Pradesh 243001122:1022:155 mins310 kms
8SHAHJEHANPUR(SPN)Uttar Pradesh 242001123:1723:225 mins380 kms
9HARDOI(HRI)Uttar Pradesh 241001200:1500:172 mins443 kms
10LUCKNOW(LKO)Uttar Pradesh 226001202:0002:1010 mins545 kms
11BARABANKI JN(BBK)Uttar Pradesh 225001203:0003:022 mins573 kms
12GONDA JN(GD)204:4505:0015 mins661 kms
13MANKAPUR JN(MUR)Uttar Pradesh 271302205:2405:262 mins690 kms
14BASTI(BST)Uttar Pradesh 272002206:2006:255 mins751 kms
15KHALILABAD(KLD)Uttar Pradesh 272175206:5006:522 mins781 kms
16GORAKHPUR(GKP)Uttar Pradesh207:55Destination0 mins815 kms