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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.14266 - DDN BSB EXPRESS

Train number 14266 / DDN BSB EXPRESS runs between DEHRADUN(DDN) and VARANASI JN(BSB). The train departs from DEHRADUN(DDN) at 18:15 hrs and reaches VARANASI JN(BSB) at 15:45 hrs on day 2. DDN BSB EXPRESS travels a total distance of 846 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 48 stopping stations between DEHRADUN(DDN) and VARANASI JN(BSB) along the route.
Days on which the train runs
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1DEHRADUN(DDN)Uttarakhand 2480011Source18:150 mins0 kms
2HARRAWALA(HRW)Uttarakhand 248008118:2818:302 mins9 kms
3DOIWALA(DWO)Uttarakhand 248140118:4818:502 mins20 kms
4RAIWALA(RWL)Uttarakhand 249205119:2319:252 mins41 kms
5HARIDWAR JN(HW)Uttarakhand 249401120:0520:3530 mins52 kms
6JWALAPUR(JWP)Uttarakhand 249407120:4020:422 mins56 kms
7AITHAL(ATMO)Uttarakhand 247663120:5620:582 mins72 kms
8LAKSAR JN(LRJ)Uttarakhand 247663121:1021:155 mins79 kms
9RAISI(RSI)Uttarakhand 247671121:2321:252 mins87 kms
10BALAWALI(BLW)Uttar Pradesh 246723121:3521:372 mins96 kms
11CHANDOK(CNK)Uttar Pradesh 246721121:4721:492 mins103 kms
12NAJIBABAD JN(NBD)Uttar Pradesh 246763122:0822:102 mins121 kms
13NAGINA(NGG)Uttar Pradesh 246762122:2922:312 mins143 kms
14DHAMPUR(DPR)Uttar Pradesh 246761122:4722:492 mins159 kms
15SEOHARA(SEO)Uttar Pradesh 246746123:0323:052 mins173 kms
16KANTH(KNT)Uttar Pradesh 244501123:2023:222 mins190 kms
17MORADABAD(MB)Uttar Pradesh 244001200:1000:4535 mins219 kms
18RAMPUR(RMU)Uttar Pradesh 244901201:1501:172 mins246 kms
19BAREILLY(BE)Uttar Pradesh 243001202:2002:255 mins310 kms
20SHAHJEHANPUR(SPN)Uttar Pradesh 242001203:2703:325 mins380 kms
21ROZA JN(ROZA)Uttar Pradesh 242306203:4103:432 mins388 kms
22HARDOI(HRI)Uttar Pradesh 241001204:2504:272 mins443 kms
23BAGHAULI(BGH)Uttar Pradesh 241122204:5304:552 mins467 kms
24BALAMU JN(BLM)205:0505:072 mins476 kms
25SANDILA(SAN)Uttar Pradesh 241204205:2305:252 mins496 kms
26RAHIMABAD(RBD)Uttar Pradesh 226103205:3605:382 mins507 kms
27DILAWARNAGAR(DIL)Uttar Pradesh 226103205:4705:492 mins515 kms
28MALIHABAD(MLD)Uttar Pradesh 226102205:5705:592 mins521 kms
29KAKORI(KKJ)Uttar Pradesh 226102206:0906:112 mins530 kms
30ALAMNAGAR(AMG)Uttar Pradesh 226017207:2107:232 mins539 kms
31LUCKNOW(LKO)Uttar Pradesh 226001207:4507:5510 mins545 kms
32BACHHRAWAN(BCN)Uttar Pradesh 229301208:5208:542 mins592 kms
33HARCHANDPUR(HCP)Uttar Pradesh 229303209:1309:152 mins608 kms
34RAE BARELI JN(RBL)Uttar Pradesh 229001209:3309:385 mins622 kms
35FURSATGANJ(FTG)Uttar Pradesh 229302209:5609:582 mins641 kms
36JAIS(JAIS)Uttar Pradesh210:0810:102 mins651 kms
37GAURIGANJ(GNG)Uttar Pradesh 227409210:2310:252 mins669 kms
38AMETHI(AME)Uttar Pradesh 227405210:4410:462 mins683 kms
39ANTU(ANTU)Uttar Pradesh 230501211:0511:072 mins697 kms
40CHILBILA JN(CIL)Uttar Pradesh 230403211:2811:302 mins714 kms
41PARTAPGARH JN(PBH)Uttar Pradesh 230001211:5211:575 mins718 kms
42DANDUPUR(DND)Uttar Pradesh 230304212:1012:122 mins732 kms
43BADSHAHPUR(BSE)Uttar Pradesh 222202212:2912:312 mins754 kms
44JANGHAI JN(JNH)Uttar Pradesh 222165212:4812:502 mins771 kms
45SARAI KANSRAI(SQN)Uttar Pradesh 221404213:0713:092 mins776 kms
46SURIAWAN(SAW)Uttar Pradesh 221404213:1813:202 mins786 kms
47BHADOHI(BOY)Uttar Pradesh 221401213:4513:472 mins801 kms
48PARSIPUR(PRF)Uttar Pradesh 221402213:5413:562 mins810 kms
49SEWAPURI(SWPR)Uttar Pradesh 221403214:3114:332 mins823 kms
50VARANASI JN(BSB)Uttar Pradesh 221001215:45Destination0 mins846 kms