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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.58436 - CTC BHC PASSENGER

Train number 58436 / CTC BHC PASSENGER runs between CUTTACK(CTC) and BHADRAKH(BHC). The train departs from CUTTACK(CTC) at 11:30 hrs and reaches BHADRAKH(BHC) at 15:00 hrs on the same day. CTC BHC PASSENGER travels a total distance of 115 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 21 stopping stations between CUTTACK(CTC) and BHADRAKH(BHC) along the route.
Days on which the train runs
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1CUTTACK(CTC)Odisha 7530031SRC11:300 mins0 kms
2KENDRAPARA ROAD(KNPR)Odisha 754021111:3611:371 mins4 kms
3MANGULI CHOWDWAR(MACR)Odisha 754025111:4311:441 mins8 kms
4NERGUNDI(NRG)Odisha 754025111:5011:511 mins11 kms
5KAPILAS ROAD(KIS)Odisha 754022111:5711:581 mins14 kms
6SRI JHADESHWAR ROAD(SJDR)Odisha 754082112:0312:041 mins21 kms
7BYREE(BYY)Odisha 754082112:0912:101 mins24 kms
8BARITHENGARH(BRTG)Odisha 754024112:1512:161 mins29 kms
9DHANMANDAL(DNM)Odisha 754296112:2112:221 mins35 kms
10HARIDASPUR(HDS)Odisha 755044112:2712:281 mins40 kms
11NEW GARH MADHOPUR(NGMP)Odisha 755023112:3412:351 mins50 kms
12JENAPUR(JEN)Odisha 755023112:4112:421 mins56 kms
13BRAHAMANI PH(BRMI)Odisha 755026112:4712:481 mins60 kms
14JAKHAPURA(JKPR)Odisha 755026112:5412:551 mins63 kms
15JAJPUR K ROAD(JJKR)Odisha 755019113:0113:021 mins71 kms
16KORAI HALT(KRIH)Odisha 755022113:0813:091 mins76 kms
17BAITARANI ROAD(BTV)Odisha 755025113:1513:161 mins83 kms
18DULAKHAPATNA(DLPT)Odisha 755025113:2113:221 mins88 kms
19MANJURI ROAD(MZZ)Odisha 756121113:2813:291 mins91 kms
20KENDUAPADA(KED)Odisha 756112113:3613:371 mins99 kms
21KAPALI ROAD(KPLD)Jharkhand113:4213:431 mins104 kms
22BAUDPUR(BUDR)Odisha 756113113:4813:491 mins108 kms
23BHADRAKH(BHC)Odisha 756101115:00DSTN0 mins115 kms