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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.54154 - CNB RBL PASSENGER

Train number 54154 / CNB RBL PASSENGER runs between KANPUR CENTRAL(CNB) and RAE BARELI JN(RBL). The train departs from KANPUR CENTRAL(CNB) at 16:32 hrs and reaches RAE BARELI JN(RBL) at 22:20 hrs on the same day. CNB RBL PASSENGER travels a total distance of 167 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 25 stopping stations between KANPUR CENTRAL(CNB) and RAE BARELI JN(RBL) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1KANPUR CENTRAL(CNB)Uttar Pradesh 2442351SRC16:320 mins0 kms
2KANPUR BGE L BK(CPB)Uttar Pradesh 208001116:4316:441 mins3 kms
3MAGARWARA(MGW)Uttar Pradesh 209861116:5116:532 mins11 kms
4UNNAO JN(ON)Uttar Pradesh 209801117:0117:032 mins17 kms
5KORARI(KURO)Uttar Pradesh 209801117:2117:232 mins28 kms
6ACHALGANJ(ACH)Uttar Pradesh 209801117:3217:342 mins32 kms
7BAND HAMIRPUR(BAHP)Uttar Pradesh 209801117:4317:452 mins36 kms
8TIKAULI RAWATPR(TKRP)Uttar Pradesh 209801117:5317:552 mins40 kms
9KULHA-HALT(KULH)Uttar Pradesh 209865118:0618:082 mins46 kms
10BIGHAPUR(BQP)Uttar Pradesh 209865118:1718:192 mins49 kms
11INDEMAU(IDM)Uttar Pradesh 209867118:2718:292 mins55 kms
12TAKIA(TQA)Uttar Pradesh 209867118:3618:382 mins59 kms
13BAISWARA(BSWA)Bihar 209866118:4618:482 mins66 kms
14RAGHURAJ SINGH(RRS)Uttar Pradesh 209866118:5819:000 mins71 kms
15NIHASTA HALT(NHF)Uttar Pradesh 229208119:1119:121 mins76 kms
16LALGANJ(LLJ)Uttar Pradesh 229206119:2019:222 mins84 kms
17BAHAI(BYQ)Uttar Pradesh 229203119:2919:301 mins90 kms
18DALMAU JN(DMW)Uttar Pradesh 229207119:4019:411 mins98 kms
19BARARA BUZURG(BRRZ)Uttar Pradesh 229207119:4919:501 mins103 kms
20JALALPUR DHAI(JPD)119:5920:000 mins110 kms
21MANJHLEPUR(MNJR)Uttar Pradesh 229401120:0820:091 mins118 kms
22ISHARDASPUR(IDS)Uttar Pradesh 229404120:1820:191 mins122 kms
23UNCHAHAR JN(UCR)Uttar Pradesh 229406120:5520:561 mins129 kms
24RAMACHANDRAPUR(RCP)Odisha 766110121:3521:372 mins139 kms
25LACHHMANPUR(LMN)Uttar Pradesh 229402121:4621:482 mins146 kms
26DARYAPUR(DYP)Uttar Pradesh 229405122:0422:051 mins161 kms
27RAE BARELI JN(RBL)Uttar Pradesh 229001122:20DSTN0 mins167 kms