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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.15206 - CHITRAKUT EXP

Train number 15206 / CHITRAKUT EXP runs between JABALPUR(JBP) and LUCKNOWJN(LJN). The train departs from JABALPUR(JBP) at 20:40 hrs and reaches LUCKNOWJN(LJN) at 09:30 hrs on day 2. CHITRAKUT EXP travels a total distance of 584 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 25 stopping stations between JABALPUR(JBP) and LUCKNOWJN(LJN) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1JABALPUR(JBP)Madhya Pradesh 4820011Source20:400 mins0 kms
2SIHORA ROAD(SHR)Maharashtra 441911121:1121:132 mins39 kms
3KATNI(KTE)Madhya Pradesh 483504121:5021:555 mins91 kms
4JUKEHI(JKE)Madhya Pradesh 485773122:1322:152 mins108 kms
5MAIHAR(MYR)Madhya Pradesh 485771122:4622:482 mins154 kms
6UNCHHERA(UHR)Madhya Pradesh 485661123:0123:032 mins168 kms
7SATNA(STA)Madhya Pradesh 485001123:2523:3510 mins189 kms
8JAITWAR(JTW)Madhya Pradesh 485221200:0100:021 mins209 kms
9MAJHAGAWAN(MJG)Madhya Pradesh 485331200:1600:182 mins230 kms
10MANIKPUR JN(MKP)Uttar Pradesh 210208201:2501:5530 mins267 kms
11CHITRAKOT(CKTD)Uttar Pradesh 210205202:2402:262 mins298 kms
12SHIVRAMPUR(SWC)Uttar Pradesh 210205202:3302:352 mins307 kms
13ATARRA(ATE)Uttar Pradesh 210201203:0303:052 mins335 kms
14KHURHAND(KHU)Uttar Pradesh 210120203:1303:152 mins348 kms
15BANDA JN(BNDA)Uttar Pradesh 210001204:0504:1510 mins367 kms
16ICHAULI(ICL)Uttar Pradesh 210504204:3604:382 mins388 kms
17RAGAUL(RGU)Uttar Pradesh 210507204:5805:002 mins407 kms
18BHARWA SUMERPUR(BSZ)Uttar Pradesh 210502205:2005:222 mins424 kms
19HAMIRPUR ROAD(HAR)Himachal Pradesh 177001205:4605:482 mins448 kms
20GHATAMPUR(GTM)Uttar Pradesh 209206206:0206:042 mins463 kms
21PATARA(PTRE)Uttar Pradesh 209214206:1506:172 mins473 kms
22KATHARA ROAD(KTRR)Uttar Pradesh 209214206:2906:312 mins483 kms
23BHIMSEN(BZM)Uttar Pradesh 208020207:1807:202 mins496 kms
24GOVINDPURI(GOY)Uttar Pradesh 208006207:3307:352 mins508 kms
25KANPUR CENTRAL(CNB)Uttar Pradesh 244235207:5508:0510 mins510 kms
26UNNAO JN(ON)Uttar Pradesh 209801208:2708:292 mins528 kms
27LUCKNOWJN(LJN)Uttar Pradesh 226001209:30Destination0 mins584 kms