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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.12602 - CHENNAI MAIL

Train number 12602 / CHENNAI MAIL runs between MANGALORE(MAQ) and CHENNAI CENTRAL(MAS). The train departs from MANGALORE(MAQ) at 13:20 hrs and reaches CHENNAI CENTRAL(MAS) at 05:40 hrs on day 2. CHENNAI MAIL travels a total distance of 889 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 31 stopping stations between MANGALORE(MAQ) and CHENNAI CENTRAL(MAS) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1MANGALORE(MAQ)Karnataka 5750011Source13:200 mins0 kms
2MANJESHWAR(MJS)Kerala 671323113:3913:401 mins17 kms
3KASARAGOD(KGQ)Kerala 671121114:0314:052 mins46 kms
4KANHANGAD(KZE)Kerala 671531114:2314:252 mins69 kms
5CHARVATTUR(CHV)Kerala 671312114:3914:401 mins84 kms
6PAYYANUR(PAY)Kerala 670307114:5314:552 mins98 kms
7PAYANGADI(PAZ)Kerala 670303115:0415:051 mins110 kms
8KANNUR(CAN)Kerala 670001115:3515:405 mins132 kms
9TELLICHERRY(TLY)Kerala 670101115:5816:002 mins153 kms
10MAHE(MAHE)Kerala 673310116:0916:101 mins162 kms
11VADAKARA(BDJ)Kerala 673102116:2316:252 mins175 kms
12QUILANDI(QLD)Kerala 673305116:4416:451 mins197 kms
13KOZHIKKODE(CLT)Kerala 673001117:1517:205 mins221 kms
14FEROK(FK)Kerala 673631117:3417:351 mins231 kms
15PARPANANGADI(PGI)Kerala 676303117:5417:551 mins246 kms
16TANUR(TA)Kerala 676302118:0418:051 mins254 kms
17TIRUR(TIR)Kerala 676101118:1318:152 mins262 kms
18KUTTIPPURAM(KTU)Kerala 679571118:2818:302 mins277 kms
19PATTAMBI(PTB)Kerala 679303118:4418:451 mins296 kms
20SHORANUR JN(SRR)Kerala 679121119:1519:2510 mins307 kms
21OTTAPPALAM(OTP)Kerala 679101119:4319:452 mins320 kms
22PALAKKAD(PGT)Kerala 678002120:2020:255 mins351 kms
23PODANUR JN(PTJ)Tamil Nadu 641111121:3421:351 mins400 kms
24TIRUPPUR(TUP)Tamil Nadu 641601122:2822:302 mins443 kms
25ERODE JN(ED)Tamil Nadu 638002123:2023:255 mins493 kms
26SALEM JN(SA)Tamil Nadu 636005200:2200:253 mins556 kms
27JOLARPETTAI(JTJ)Tamil Nadu 635853202:0302:052 mins676 kms
28KATPADI JN(KPD)Tamil Nadu 632007203:1303:152 mins760 kms
29WALAJAH ROAD JN(WJR)Tamil Nadu 632513203:3303:352 mins784 kms
30ARAKKONAM(AJJ)Tamil Nadu 631001204:0304:052 mins820 kms
31TIRUVALLUR(TRL)Tamil Nadu 602003204:2804:302 mins847 kms
32PERAMBUR(PER)Tamil Nadu 600011204:5805:002 mins883 kms
33CHENNAI CENTRAL(MAS)Tamil Nadu 600003205:40Destination0 mins889 kms