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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.54255 - BSB LKO PASSENGER

Train number 54255 / BSB LKO PASSENGER runs between VARANASI JN(BSB) and LUCKNOW(LKO). The train departs from VARANASI JN(BSB) at 06:00 hrs and reaches LUCKNOW(LKO) at 14:45 hrs on the same day. BSB LKO PASSENGER travels a total distance of 301 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 41 stopping stations between VARANASI JN(BSB) and LUCKNOW(LKO) along the route.
Days on which the train runs
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1VARANASI JN(BSB)Uttar Pradesh 2210011SRC06:000 mins0 kms
2LOHTA(LOT)Uttar Pradesh 221107106:1206:131 mins5 kms
3CHAUKHANDI(CHH)Uttar Pradesh 221405106:2306:241 mins15 kms
4SEWAPURI(SWPR)Uttar Pradesh 221403106:3206:331 mins22 kms
5KAPSETI(KEH)Uttar Pradesh 221403106:4006:411 mins27 kms
6PARSIPUR(PRF)Uttar Pradesh 221402106:4906:501 mins36 kms
7BHADOHI(BOY)Uttar Pradesh 221401106:5807:000 mins44 kms
8MONDH(MOF)Uttar Pradesh 221406107:0907:101 mins52 kms
9SURIAWAN(SAW)Uttar Pradesh 221404107:1807:191 mins59 kms
10SARAI KANSRAI(SQN)Uttar Pradesh 221404107:2907:301 mins69 kms
11JANGHAI JN(JNH)Uttar Pradesh 222165107:3807:402 mins75 kms
12NIBHAPUR(NBP)Uttar Pradesh 222204107:5007:511 mins84 kms
13BADSHAHPUR(BSE)Uttar Pradesh 222202107:5908:000 mins91 kms
14SUWANSA(SWS)Uttar Pradesh 230306108:0808:091 mins98 kms
15GAURA(GRX)Uttar Pradesh 230301108:1608:171 mins104 kms
16DANDUPUR(DND)Uttar Pradesh 230304108:2708:281 mins114 kms
17PIRTHIGANJ(PHV)Uttar Pradesh 230001108:3608:371 mins121 kms
18PARTAPGARH JN(PBH)Uttar Pradesh 230001109:1509:2510 mins128 kms
19CHILBILA JN(CIL)Uttar Pradesh 230403109:3409:351 mins132 kms
20JAGESHARGANJ(JGJ)Uttar Pradesh 230501109:4409:451 mins140 kms
21ANTU(ANTU)Uttar Pradesh 230501109:5409:551 mins148 kms
22SAHAJIPUR HALT(SHJP)Uttar Pradesh 227413110:0210:031 mins153 kms
23MISRAULI(MFL)Uttar Pradesh 227413110:0810:091 mins157 kms
24AMETHI(AME)Uttar Pradesh 227405110:1810:202 mins163 kms
25TALAKHAJURI(TLKH)Uttar Pradesh 227409110:2710:281 mins170 kms
26GAURIGANJ(GNG)Uttar Pradesh 227409110:3610:371 mins176 kms
27BANI(BANI)Uttar Pradesh 227409110:4610:471 mins184 kms
28KASIMPUR(KCJ)Uttar Pradesh 229305110:5510:561 mins192 kms
29JAIS(JAIS)Uttar Pradesh111:0111:021 mins194 kms
30FURSATGANJ(FTG)Uttar Pradesh 229302111:1111:121 mins205 kms
31RUPAMAU(RUM)Uttar Pradesh 229010111:2111:221 mins214 kms
32RAE BARELI JN(RBL)Uttar Pradesh 229001112:0512:1510 mins223 kms
33GANGAGANJ(GANG)Uttar Pradesh 229001112:2512:272 mins231 kms
34HARCHANDPUR(HCP)Uttar Pradesh 229303112:3312:341 mins238 kms
35KUNEANGANJ(KVG)Uttar Pradesh 229303112:4112:421 mins244 kms
36BACHHRAWAN(BCN)Uttar Pradesh 229301112:5913:000 mins253 kms
37SHRIRAJNAGAR(SAGR)Uttar Pradesh 229311113:1213:131 mins259 kms
38NIGOHAN(NHN)Uttar Pradesh 226302113:2113:221 mins265 kms
39KANKAHA(KKAH)Uttar Pradesh 226303113:3013:311 mins272 kms
40MOHANLALGANJ(MLJ)Uttar Pradesh 226301113:3913:401 mins280 kms
41UTRAHTIA(UTR)114:0414:051 mins288 kms
42BLOCKHUT A(BHAW)Uttar Pradesh 226002114:1814:191 mins293 kms
43LUCKNOW(LKO)Uttar Pradesh 226001114:45DSTN0 mins301 kms