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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.14265 - BSB DDN EXP

Train number 14265 / BSB DDN EXP runs between VARANASI JN(BSB) and RAMNAGAR(RMR). The train departs from VARANASI JN(BSB) at 08:25 hrs and reaches RAMNAGAR(RMR) at 06:25 hrs on day 2. BSB DDN EXP travels a total distance of 705 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 54 stopping stations between VARANASI JN(BSB) and RAMNAGAR(RMR) along the route.
Days on which the train runs
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1VARANASI JN(BSB)Uttar Pradesh 2210011Source08:250 mins0 kms
2SEWAPURI(SWPR)Uttar Pradesh 221403108:5508:572 mins23 kms
3PARSIPUR(PRF)Uttar Pradesh 221402109:1009:122 mins37 kms
4BHADOHI(BOY)Uttar Pradesh 221401109:2309:252 mins45 kms
5MONDH(MOF)Uttar Pradesh 221406109:3509:372 mins53 kms
6SURIAWAN(SAW)Uttar Pradesh 221404109:4409:462 mins60 kms
7JANGHAI JN(JNH)Uttar Pradesh 222165110:0210:042 mins76 kms
8BADSHAHPUR(BSE)Uttar Pradesh 222202110:2210:242 mins92 kms
9GAURA(GRX)Uttar Pradesh 230301110:4310:452 mins105 kms
10DANDUPUR(DND)Uttar Pradesh 230304110:5410:562 mins115 kms
11PARTAPGARH JN(PBH)Uttar Pradesh 230001111:4511:505 mins129 kms
12CHILBILA JN(CIL)Uttar Pradesh 230403112:0312:052 mins133 kms
13ANTU(ANTU)Uttar Pradesh 230501112:1912:212 mins149 kms
14MISRAULI(MFL)Uttar Pradesh 227413112:2912:312 mins158 kms
15AMETHI(AME)Uttar Pradesh 227405112:3812:402 mins164 kms
16GAURIGANJ(GNG)Uttar Pradesh 227409112:5312:552 mins177 kms
17JAIS(JAIS)Uttar Pradesh113:1513:172 mins195 kms
18FURSATGANJ(FTG)Uttar Pradesh 229302113:2513:272 mins206 kms
19RAE BARELI JN(RBL)Uttar Pradesh 229001113:5514:038 mins224 kms
20HARCHANDPUR(HCP)Uttar Pradesh 229303114:1814:202 mins239 kms
21BACHHRAWAN(BCN)Uttar Pradesh 229301114:3814:402 mins254 kms
22LUCKNOW(LKO)Uttar Pradesh 226001116:3516:4510 mins302 kms
23ALAMNAGAR(AMG)Uttar Pradesh 226017117:0617:071 mins308 kms
24MALIHABAD(MLD)Uttar Pradesh 226102117:1617:182 mins326 kms
25SANDILA(SAN)Uttar Pradesh 241204117:3817:402 mins350 kms
26BALAMU JN(BLM)117:5918:012 mins370 kms
27BAGHAULI(BGH)Uttar Pradesh 241122118:1118:132 mins379 kms
28HARDOI(HRI)Uttar Pradesh 241001118:3418:362 mins404 kms
29ANJHI SHAHABAD(AJI)Uttar Pradesh 241124119:0419:062 mins436 kms
30ROZA JN(ROZA)Uttar Pradesh 242306119:3419:362 mins459 kms
31SHAHJEHANPUR(SPN)Uttar Pradesh 242001119:4819:535 mins466 kms
32BAREILLY(BE)Uttar Pradesh 243001121:0721:125 mins537 kms
33RAMPUR(RMU)Uttar Pradesh 244901122:0322:052 mins600 kms
34MORADABAD(MB)Uttar Pradesh 244001123:2023:3515 mins627 kms
35KANTH(KNT)Uttar Pradesh 244501200:0300:052 mins657 kms
36SEOHARA(SEO)Uttar Pradesh 246746200:2000:222 mins673 kms
37DHAMPUR(DPR)Uttar Pradesh 246761200:3500:372 mins687 kms
38NAGINA(NGG)Uttar Pradesh 246762200:5300:552 mins703 kms
39NAJIBABAD JN(NBD)Uttar Pradesh 246763201:3001:322 mins726 kms
40CHANDOK(CNK)Uttar Pradesh 246721201:4801:502 mins744 kms
41BALAWALI(BLW)Uttar Pradesh 246723202:0002:022 mins751 kms
42RAISI(RSI)Uttarakhand 247671202:1202:142 mins759 kms
43LAKSAR JN(LRJ)Uttarakhand 247663202:2702:325 mins767 kms
44AITHAL(ATMO)Uttarakhand 247663202:4002:422 mins775 kms
45JWALAPUR(JWP)Uttarakhand 249407203:0003:022 mins790 kms
46HARIDWAR JN(HW)Uttarakhand 249401203:4004:1535 mins794 kms
47RAIWALA(RWL)Uttarakhand 249205204:4104:432 mins805 kms
48DOIWALA(DWO)Uttarakhand 248140205:2005:222 mins826 kms
49DEHRADUN(DDN)Uttarakhand 248001206:30Destination0 mins846 kms
50MORADABAD(MB)Uttar Pradesh 244001223:2004:30310 mins627 kms
51PIPALSANA(PLS)Uttar Pradesh 244402204:5905:012 mins647 kms
52ROSHANPUR(RHN)Uttar Pradesh 244402205:1005:122 mins657 kms
53(ALJ)205:2105:232 mins666 kms
54KASHIPUR(KPV)Uttarakhand 244713205:4005:5010 mins678 kms
55GAUSHALA(GWS)Uttarakhand 244716205:5806:002 mins690 kms
56RAMNAGAR(RMR)Uttarakhand 244715206:25Destination0 mins705 kms