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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.53357 - BRKA DOS PASSENGER

Train number 53357 / BRKA DOS PASSENGER runs between BARKA KANA(BRKA) and DEHRI ON SONE(DOS). The train departs from BARKA KANA(BRKA) at 06:50 hrs and reaches DEHRI ON SONE(DOS) at 14:58 hrs on the same day. BRKA DOS PASSENGER travels a total distance of 315 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 41 stopping stations between BARKA KANA(BRKA) and DEHRI ON SONE(DOS) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1BARKA KANA(BRKA)Jharkhand 8291021SRC06:500 mins0 kms
2BHURKUNDA(BHKD)Jharkhand 829105107:0007:011 mins10 kms
3PATRATU(PTRU)Jharkhand 829118107:0907:112 mins18 kms
4TOKISUD(TKS)Jharkhand 829118107:2007:211 mins25 kms
5HENDEGIR(HNDR)Jharkhand 829209107:3007:311 mins34 kms
6KOLE(KOLE)Jharkhand 829209107:3807:391 mins40 kms
7RAY(RAY)Jharkhand 829209107:4307:441 mins47 kms
8KHALARI(KLRE)Jharkhand 829205108:0208:042 mins54 kms
9MCCLUSKIEGANJ(MGME)Jharkhand 829208108:1208:142 mins60 kms
10MAHUAMILAN(MMLN)Jharkhand 829210108:2708:281 mins76 kms
11TORI(TORI)Jharkhand 829203108:3708:425 mins82 kms
12CHETAR(CTQ)Jharkhand 829203108:4808:491 mins92 kms
13RICHUGHUTU(RCGT)Jharkhand 829203108:5808:591 mins100 kms
14DEMU(DEMU)Jharkhand 829207109:0809:091 mins108 kms
15LATEHAR(LTHR)Jharkhand 829207109:1909:201 mins115 kms
16BENDI(BFQ)Jharkhand 829207109:3109:321 mins121 kms
17KUMENDI(KMND)Jharkhand 829204109:4209:431 mins128 kms
18HEHEGARA HALT(E)(HHG)Jharkhand 829204109:5109:521 mins138 kms
19CHHIPADOHAR(CPDR)Jharkhand 829204110:0010:011 mins146 kms
20BARWADIH JN(BRWD)110:2510:3510 mins156 kms
21MANGRA(MAZ)Jharkhand 822111110:4210:431 mins161 kms
22KECKHI(KCKI)Jharkhand 822111110:5010:511 mins168 kms
23CHIANKI(CNF)Jharkhand 822102111:0011:011 mins175 kms
24DALTONGANJ(DTO)Jharkhand 822101111:1511:205 mins183 kms
25KAJRI(KFT)Madhya Pradesh 473551111:2911:301 mins193 kms
26RAJHURA(RHR)Jharkhand 822124111:3811:391 mins201 kms
27TOLRA(TRZ)Jharkhand 822124111:5912:000 mins210 kms
28GARWA ROAD(GHD)Uttar Pradesh 221105112:1012:2010 mins216 kms
29SIGSIGI(SQS)Jharkhand 822124112:2612:271 mins222 kms
30KARKATA(KRTA)Bihar 844504112:3412:351 mins226 kms
31UNTARE ROAD(URD)Jharkhand 822120112:4412:451 mins232 kms
32SATBAHINI(SZF)Jharkhand 822120112:5412:551 mins237 kms
33MUHAMMADGANJ(MDJ)Jharkhand 822120113:0513:061 mins244 kms
34KOSIARA(KVQ)Jharkhand 822115113:1513:161 mins250 kms
35HAIDARNAGAR(HDN)Jharkhand 822117113:2613:271 mins256 kms
36JAPLA(JPL)Jharkhand 822116113:3713:381 mins263 kms
37KAJRAT NAWADIH(KYF)113:5013:511 mins271 kms
38NABENAGAR ROAD(NBG)Bihar 824303113:5914:012 mins279 kms
39BARKISALALYA(BSYA)Bihar 824101114:1014:111 mins286 kms
40ANKORAH AKORHA(ANH)114:2014:211 mins293 kms
41BAGAHABISHUNPUR(BCJ)Bihar 824112114:3014:311 mins301 kms
42SON NAGAR(SEB)Bihar 824112114:4014:411 mins309 kms
43DEHRI ON SONE(DOS)Bihar 821307114:58DSTN0 mins315 kms