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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.14056 - BRAHMPUTRA MAIL

Train number 14056 / BRAHMPUTRA MAIL runs between DELHI(DLI) and DIBRUGARH(DBRG). The train departs from DELHI(DLI) at 23:40 hrs and reaches DIBRUGARH(DBRG) at 04:25 hrs on day 4. BRAHMPUTRA MAIL travels a total distance of 2588 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 59 stopping stations between DELHI(DLI) and DIBRUGARH(DBRG) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1DELHI(DLI)Delhi 1100061Source23:400 mins0 kms
2KHURJA JN(KRJ)Uttar Pradesh 203132201:0401:062 mins83 kms
3ALIGARH JN(ALJN)Uttar Pradesh 202001201:3801:435 mins126 kms
4TUNDLA JN(TDL)Uttar Pradesh 283204202:4802:535 mins204 kms
5SHIKOHABAD JN(SKB)Uttar Pradesh 283141203:1803:202 mins241 kms
6KANPUR CENTRAL(CNB)Uttar Pradesh 244235205:5506:005 mins434 kms
7ALLAHABAD JN(ALD)Uttar Pradesh 211001208:3008:4010 mins628 kms
8MIRZAPUR(MZP)West Bengal 742227209:5309:552 mins718 kms
9MUGHAL SARAI JN(MGS)Uttar Pradesh 232101211:3011:4515 mins781 kms
10DILDARNAGAR JN(DLN)Uttar Pradesh 232326212:3112:332 mins839 kms
11BUXAR(BXR)Bihar 802101212:5712:592 mins875 kms
12ARA(ARA)Bihar 802301213:4213:442 mins943 kms
13PATNA JN(PNBE)Bihar 800001214:4514:5510 mins993 kms
14PATNA SAHEB(PNC)Bihar 800008215:0915:112 mins1002 kms
15MOKAMEH JN(MKA)216:1216:142 mins1082 kms
16KIUL JN(KIUL)Bihar 811310217:1017:3020 mins1116 kms
17ABHAIPUR(AHA)Bihar 811112217:5117:532 mins1139 kms
18JAMALPUR JN(JMP)Bihar 811214218:1518:3015 mins1161 kms
19SULTANGANJ(SGG)Bihar 813213218:5718:592 mins1190 kms
20BHAGALPUR(BGP)Bihar 812002219:4519:5712 mins1214 kms
21KAHALGAON(CLG)Bihar 813224220:2420:262 mins1244 kms
22SAHIBGANJ JN(SBG)Jharkhand 816109221:3721:458 mins1288 kms
23BARHARWA JN(BHW)Jharkhand 816101223:1323:152 mins1342 kms
24NEW FARAKKA JN(NFK)West Bengal 742212223:3523:372 mins1357 kms
25MALDA TOWN(MLDT)West Bengal300:4501:0015 mins1391 kms
26BARSOI JN(BOE)Bihar 854317302:0802:102 mins1479 kms
27KISHANGANJ(KNE)Bihar 733208302:5503:005 mins1537 kms
28NEW JALPAIGURI(NJP)West Bengal 734004305:0005:2020 mins1624 kms
29JALPAIGURI ROAD(JPE)West Bengal 735101305:5806:002 mins1658 kms
30DHUPGURI(DQG)West Bengal 735210306:2706:325 mins1689 kms
31FALAKATA(FLK)West Bengal 735211306:5306:552 mins1712 kms
32NEW COOCH BEHAR(NCB)West Bengal 736179308:0008:055 mins1750 kms
33NEW ALIPURDUAR(NOQ)West Bengal 736121308:2508:305 mins1769 kms
34GOSSAIGAON HAT(GOGH)Assam 783360309:0509:072 mins1815 kms
35FAKIRAGRAM JN(FKM)Assam 783345309:2509:272 mins1838 kms
36KOKRAJHAR(KOJ)Assam 783370309:3809:402 mins1848 kms
37NEW BONGAIGAON(NBQ)Assam 783381310:3510:4510 mins1875 kms
38BONGAIGAON(BNGN)Assam 783380310:5110:532 mins1878 kms
39BIJNI(BJF)Assam 783390311:1711:192 mins1893 kms
40BARPETA ROAD(BPRD)Assam 781315311:4311:452 mins1920 kms
41NALBARI(NLV)Assam 781337312:3712:392 mins1968 kms
42RANGIYA JN(RNY)Assam 781365312:5513:0510 mins1985 kms
43KAMAKHYA(KYQ)Assam 781012314:2514:305 mins2026 kms
44GUWAHATI(GHY)Meghalaya 781001314:4515:0015 mins2032 kms
45DIGARU(DGU)Assam 782402315:3815:402 mins2066 kms
46JAGI ROAD(JID)Assam 782410316:0216:042 mins2089 kms
47CHAPARMUKH JN(CPK)Assam 782425316:3516:405 mins2123 kms
48KAMPUR(KWM)Assam 782426316:5716:592 mins2141 kms
49JAMUNAMUKH(JMK)Assam 782428317:1717:192 mins2152 kms
50HOJAI(HJI)Assam317:3417:362 mins2168 kms
51LANKA(LKA)Assam 782446317:5717:592 mins2182 kms
52LUMDING JN(LMG)Assam 782447319:2019:3010 mins2213 kms
53DIPHU(DPU)Assam 782460320:0120:032 mins2245 kms
54DIMAPUR(DMV)Nagaland 797112320:4020:5010 mins2282 kms
55BOKAJAN(BXJ)Assam 782480321:0921:112 mins2296 kms
56FURKATING JN(FKG)Assam 785610322:5522:572 mins2352 kms
57MARIANI JN(MXN)323:4523:5510 mins2390 kms
58SIMALUGURI JN(SLGR)Assam 785686400:4800:535 mins2444 kms
59BHOJO(BOJ)Assam 785691401:3301:352 mins2478 kms
60NEW TINSUKIA(NTSK)Assam 786125403:0003:1010 mins2547 kms
61DIBRUGARH(DBRG)Assam 786003404:25Destination0 mins2588 kms