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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.13241 - BANKA RJPB EXP

Train number 13241 / BANKA RJPB EXP runs between BANKA(BAKA) and RAJENDRANAGAR T(RJPB). The train departs from BANKA(BAKA) at 07:35 hrs and reaches RAJENDRANAGAR T(RJPB) at 15:00 hrs on the same day. BANKA RJPB EXP travels a total distance of 272 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 16 stopping stations between BANKA(BAKA) and RAJENDRANAGAR T(RJPB) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1BANKA(BAKA)Bihar 8131021Source07:350 mins0 kms
2BARAHAT(BHLE)Jharkhand 833102108:1308:152 mins16 kms
3PUNSIA(PNSA)Bihar 813109108:2208:231 mins20 kms
4DHAUNI(DWLE)Bihar 813107108:3608:371 mins27 kms
5HATPURAINI(HPLE)Bihar 813105109:0109:021 mins42 kms
6KOLLIKHUTAHA(KKTA)Bihar 812005109:1309:141 mins47 kms
7BHAGALPUR(BGP)Bihar 812002109:3009:355 mins54 kms
8SULTANGANJ(SGG)Bihar 813213109:5509:561 mins78 kms
9BARIARPUR(BUP)Bihar 811211110:1710:181 mins96 kms
10JAMALPUR JN(JMP)Bihar 811214110:3510:5015 mins107 kms
11DASHARATHPUR(DRTP)Bihar 811212110:5810:591 mins113 kms
12DHARHARA(DRH)Bihar 811212111:0711:081 mins118 kms
13ABHAIPUR(AHA)Bihar 811112111:2011:211 mins129 kms
14KAJRA(KJH)Bihar 811309111:3111:321 mins136 kms
15KIUL JN(KIUL)Bihar 811310112:3012:4010 mins152 kms
16HATHIDAH JN(HTZ)Bihar 803301113:0313:041 mins179 kms
17BAKHTIYARPUR JN(BKP)Bihar 803212113:5513:572 mins229 kms
18RAJENDRANAGAR T(RJPB)Madhya Pradesh 452012115:00Destination0 mins272 kms