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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.13050 - ASR HWH EXPRESS

Train number 13050 / ASR HWH EXPRESS runs between AMRITSAR JN(ASR) and HOWRAH JN(HWH). The train departs from AMRITSAR JN(ASR) at 18:10 hrs and reaches HOWRAH JN(HWH) at 15:45 hrs on day 3. ASR HWH EXPRESS travels a total distance of 1922 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 104 stopping stations between AMRITSAR JN(ASR) and HOWRAH JN(HWH) along the route.
Days on which the train runs
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Swipe Table Horizontally
No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1AMRITSAR JN(ASR)Punjab 1430011Source18:100 mins0 kms
2BEAS(BEAS)Punjab 143201118:3818:402 mins43 kms
3KARTARPUR(KRE)Punjab 144801119:0119:032 mins64 kms
4JALANDHAR CITY(JUC)Punjab 144001119:2319:307 mins79 kms
5JALANDHAR CANT(JRC)Punjab 144005119:3819:402 mins84 kms
6PHAGWARA JN(PGW)Punjab 144401119:5319:552 mins100 kms
7PHILLAUR JN(PHR)Punjab 144035120:1320:152 mins123 kms
8LUDHIANA JN(LDH)Punjab 141001120:4020:5010 mins136 kms
9KHANNA(KNN)Punjab 141401121:3021:322 mins178 kms
10GOVINDGARH(GVG)Punjab 147301121:4021:422 mins187 kms
11SIRHIND JN(SIR)Punjab 140406121:5321:552 mins196 kms
12RAJPURA JN(RPJ)Punjab 140401122:1222:142 mins222 kms
13AMBALA CITY(UBC)Haryana 134001122:3522:372 mins242 kms
14AMBALA CANT JN(UMB)Haryana 133001123:0023:1010 mins250 kms
15JAGADHRI WSHOP(JUDW)Haryana123:4323:452 mins296 kms
16YAMUNANAGAR JAGADHRI(YJUD)Haryana 135001123:5123:532 mins301 kms
17SAHARANPUR(SRE)Uttar Pradesh 247001200:3500:5520 mins331 kms
18ROORKEE(RK)Uttarakhand 247667201:2501:272 mins366 kms
19LAKSAR JN(LRJ)Uttarakhand 247663201:5001:555 mins384 kms
20NAJIBABAD JN(NBD)Uttar Pradesh 246763202:3002:355 mins425 kms
21MORADABAD(MB)Uttar Pradesh 244001204:1004:2010 mins523 kms
22RAJA KA SAHASPR(RJK)Uttar Pradesh 202415204:4804:502 mins547 kms
23CHANDAUSI JN(CH)Uttar Pradesh 202412205:2005:255 mins567 kms
24AONLA(AO)Uttar Pradesh 243301206:2106:232 mins609 kms
25PITAMBARPUR(PMR)Uttar Pradesh 243503207:3307:352 mins652 kms
26TILHAR(TLH)Uttar Pradesh 242307207:5207:542 mins684 kms
27SHAHJEHANPUR(SPN)Uttar Pradesh 242001208:3508:405 mins702 kms
28ANJHI SHAHABAD(AJI)Uttar Pradesh 241124209:0609:082 mins733 kms
29HARDOI(HRI)Uttar Pradesh 241001209:3309:352 mins765 kms
30BALAMU JN(BLM)210:0610:082 mins798 kms
31SANDILA(SAN)Uttar Pradesh 241204210:2810:302 mins818 kms
32ALAMNAGAR(AMG)Uttar Pradesh 226017211:1811:202 mins861 kms
33LUCKNOW(LKO)Uttar Pradesh 226001211:4512:1025 mins867 kms
34HAIDERGARH(HGH)Uttar Pradesh 225124213:0713:092 mins924 kms
35AKBARGANJ(AKJ)Uttar Pradesh 229801213:3113:332 mins941 kms
36NIHALGARH(NHH)Uttar Pradesh 227809213:4513:472 mins956 kms
37MUSAFIR KHANA(MFKA)Uttar Pradesh 227813214:0214:042 mins975 kms
38SULTANPUR(SLN)Delhi 110030214:4314:485 mins1007 kms
39LAMBHUA(LBA)Uttar Pradesh 222302215:0615:082 mins1029 kms
40KOIRIPUR(KEPR)Uttar Pradesh 222301215:2515:272 mins1046 kms
41HARPALGANJ(HRPG)Uttar Pradesh 222175215:3515:372 mins1056 kms
42SRIKRISHN NAGAR(SKN)Uttar Pradesh 222125215:4715:492 mins1065 kms
43JAUNPUR CITY(JOP)Uttar Pradesh 222001216:1816:202 mins1092 kms
44ZAFARABAD JN(ZBD)Uttar Pradesh 222002216:3816:402 mins1099 kms
45KHALISPUR(KSF)Uttar Pradesh 221206217:3717:392 mins1122 kms
46PINDRA ROAD(PDRD)Uttar Pradesh 221206217:4717:492 mins1126 kms
47BABATPUR(BTP)Uttar Pradesh 221006218:0118:032 mins1131 kms
48SHIUPUR(SOP)Uttar Pradesh 221003218:3218:342 mins1144 kms
49VARANASI JN(BSB)Uttar Pradesh 221001218:5519:1520 mins1150 kms
50KASHI(KEI)Uttar Pradesh 221001219:2919:312 mins1155 kms
51MUGHAL SARAI JN(MGS)Uttar Pradesh 232101220:2020:4020 mins1167 kms
52KUCHMAN(KCA)Uttar Pradesh 232120220:5620:582 mins1178 kms
53SAKALDIHA(SLD)Uttar Pradesh 232108221:0421:062 mins1185 kms
54DHEENA(DHA)Uttar Pradesh 232106221:1621:182 mins1199 kms
55ZAMANIA(ZNA)Uttar Pradesh221:2921:312 mins1211 kms
56DILDARNAGAR JN(DLN)Uttar Pradesh 232326221:4421:462 mins1224 kms
57BHADAURA(BWH)Uttar Pradesh 232333221:5221:542 mins1233 kms
58GAHMAR(GMR)Uttar Pradesh 232327222:0222:042 mins1240 kms
59CHAUSA(CSA)Bihar 802114222:1622:182 mins1250 kms
60BUXAR(BXR)Bihar 802101222:2822:324 mins1261 kms
61DUMRAON(DURE)222:4322:452 mins1277 kms
62TWINING GANJ(TWG)Bihar 802111222:5222:542 mins1285 kms
63RAGHUNATHPUR(RPR)Odisha 754102223:0223:042 mins1293 kms
64BANAHI(BYN)Bihar 802183223:1223:142 mins1302 kms
65BIHIYA(BEA)Bihar 802183223:2023:222 mins1308 kms
66ARA(ARA)Bihar 802301223:5323:585 mins1329 kms
67BIHTA(BTA)Bihar 801103300:1400:162 mins1351 kms
68DANAPUR(DNR)Bihar 801105301:0101:032 mins1369 kms
69PATNA JN(PNBE)Bihar 800001302:1502:3015 mins1378 kms
70PATNA SAHEB(PNC)Bihar 800008302:4402:462 mins1388 kms
71FATUHA(FUT)Bihar302:5803:002 mins1400 kms
72BAKHTIYARPUR JN(BKP)Bihar 803212303:2003:222 mins1424 kms
73BARH(BARH)Bihar 803213303:3403:362 mins1442 kms
74MOKAMEH JN(MKA)304:0004:022 mins1468 kms
75HATHIDAH JN(HTZ)Bihar 803301304:1004:122 mins1475 kms
76BARHIYA(BRYA)Bihar 811302304:2804:302 mins1485 kms
77LUCKEESARAI JN(LKR)Bihar 811311304:4404:462 mins1500 kms
78KIUL JN(KIUL)Bihar 811310304:5505:005 mins1502 kms
79MANANPUR(MNP)Bihar 811310305:2105:232 mins1515 kms
80JAMUI(JMU)Bihar 811307305:3405:362 mins1530 kms
81GIDHAUR(GHR)Bihar 811305305:4905:512 mins1544 kms
82JHAJHA(JAJ)Bihar 811308307:0707:1710 mins1556 kms
83SIMULTALA(STL)West Bengal 700109307:3207:342 mins1574 kms
84JASIDIH JN(JSME)Jharkhand 814142308:0008:055 mins1599 kms
85MATHURAPUR(MUW)West Bengal 743395308:1908:212 mins1617 kms
86MADHUPUR JN(MDP)Jharkhand 815353308:3408:4410 mins1628 kms
87VIDYASAGAR(VDS)Jharkhand 815352309:0209:042 mins1652 kms
88JAMTARA(JMT)Jharkhand 815352309:2009:222 mins1670 kms
89CHITTARANJAN(CRJ)West Bengal 815354309:4009:422 mins1685 kms
90RUPNARAYANPUR(RNPR)West Bengal 713364309:4709:492 mins1689 kms
91SITARAMPUR(STN)West Bengal 713359310:2610:282 mins1701 kms
92ASANSOL JN(ASN)West Bengal 713301310:5011:0515 mins1710 kms
93RANIGANJ(RNG)West Bengal 713347311:2011:222 mins1728 kms
94ANDAL JN(UDL)West Bengal 713321311:3311:352 mins1736 kms
95WARIA(OYR)West Bengal 713207311:4111:432 mins1743 kms
96DURGAPUR(DGR)West Bengal 713201311:5311:574 mins1752 kms
97PANAGARH(PAN)West Bengal 713420312:0712:092 mins1767 kms
98MANKAR(MNAE)West Bengal 713155312:2112:232 mins1778 kms
99KHANA JN(KAN)West Bengal 713141312:5312:552 mins1802 kms
100BARDDHAMAN(BWN)West Bengal 713103313:1513:205 mins1815 kms
101BANDEL JN(BDC)West Bengal 712123314:1514:238 mins1883 kms
102CHUCHURA(CNS)West Bengal314:2814:302 mins1886 kms
103CHANDAN NAGAR(CGR)West Bengal 712136314:3414:362 mins1889 kms
104SEORAPHULI(SHE)West Bengal 712223314:5214:542 mins1900 kms
105SERAMPORE(SRP)West Bengal 712201314:5714:592 mins1902 kms
106HOWRAH JN(HWH)West Bengal 711101315:45Destination0 mins1922 kms