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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.15097 - AMARNATH EXP

Train number 15097 / AMARNATH EXP runs between BHAGALPUR(BGP) and JAMMU TAWI(JAT). The train departs from BHAGALPUR(BGP) at 23:50 hrs and reaches JAMMU TAWI(JAT) at 12:35 hrs on day 3. AMARNATH EXP travels a total distance of 1785 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 29 stopping stations between BHAGALPUR(BGP) and JAMMU TAWI(JAT) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1BHAGALPUR(BGP)Bihar 8120021Source23:500 mins0 kms
2SULTANGANJ(SGG)Bihar 813213200:1500:161 mins25 kms
3JAMALPUR JN(JMP)Bihar 811214201:0201:075 mins53 kms
4ABHAIPUR(AHA)Bihar 811112201:2601:271 mins75 kms
5KIUL JN(KIUL)Bihar 811310202:4502:505 mins99 kms
6BARAUNI JN(BJU)Bihar 851116204:4505:0015 mins138 kms
7SAMASTIPUR JN(SPJ)205:5506:005 mins189 kms
8MUZAFFARPUR JN(MFP)Bihar 842001206:5507:005 mins240 kms
9HAJIPUR JN(HJP)Bihar 854105207:4607:471 mins294 kms
10SONPUR JN(SEE)Bihar 841101207:5708:025 mins300 kms
11CHHAPRA(CPR)Madhya Pradesh 483440209:3509:5015 mins353 kms
12SIWAN JN(SV)Bihar 841226210:3510:405 mins414 kms
13BHATNI JN(BTT)Uttar Pradesh 274701211:2511:305 mins463 kms
14DEORIA SADAR(DEOS)Uttar Pradesh 274001211:4911:501 mins484 kms
15GORAKHPUR(GKP)Uttar Pradesh213:4514:0520 mins533 kms
16BASTI(BST)Uttar Pradesh 272002215:1015:155 mins598 kms
17GONDA JN(GD)216:4016:5515 mins687 kms
18LUCKNOW(LKO)Uttar Pradesh 226001219:4019:5010 mins804 kms
19SHAHJEHANPUR(SPN)Uttar Pradesh 242001222:2322:252 mins968 kms
20BAREILLY(BE)Uttar Pradesh 243001223:2523:305 mins1039 kms
21MORADABAD(MB)Uttar Pradesh 244001301:0001:1010 mins1130 kms
22LAKSAR JN(LRJ)Uttarakhand 247663303:0503:072 mins1269 kms
23ROORKEE(RK)Uttarakhand 247667303:2403:251 mins1287 kms
24SAHARANPUR(SRE)Uttar Pradesh 247001304:1504:2510 mins1322 kms
25JAGADHRI(JUD)Haryana 135004304:5204:531 mins1352 kms
26AMBALA CANT JN(UMB)Haryana 133001305:4005:488 mins1403 kms
27LUDHIANA JN(LDH)Punjab 141001307:3207:4210 mins1517 kms
28JALANDHAR CANT(JRC)Punjab 144005308:4008:455 mins1569 kms
29PATHANKOT CANTT(PTKC)Punjab 145001310:3810:435 mins1686 kms
30KATHUA(KTHU)184102311:1211:131 mins1709 kms
31JAMMU TAWI(JAT)180012312:35Destination0 mins1785 kms