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Route & Schedule (Time Table) of Train No.51816 - AGC JHS PASSENGER

Train number 51816 / AGC JHS PASSENGER runs between AGRA CANTT(AGC) and JHANSI JN(JHS). The train departs from AGRA CANTT(AGC) at 14:45 hrs and reaches JHANSI JN(JHS) at 22:05 hrs on the same day. AGC JHS PASSENGER travels a total distance of 215 kms from source to destination. There are a total of 23 stopping stations between AGRA CANTT(AGC) and JHANSI JN(JHS) along the route.
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No.Station (Code)State DayArrivalDepartureHaltDistance
1AGRA CANTT(AGC)Uttar Pradesh 2820011SRC14:450 mins0 kms
2BHANDAI(BHA)Uttar Pradesh 283102114:5714:581 mins10 kms
3JAJAU(JJ)Uttar Pradesh 283124115:1115:121 mins25 kms
4MANIA(MIA)Rajasthan 328024115:2515:261 mins40 kms
5DHAULPUR(DHO)Rajasthan 328001115:4615:482 mins52 kms
6HETAMPUR(HET)Madhya Pradesh 476001116:0116:032 mins66 kms
7SIKRODA KWANRI(SIKD)Madhya Pradesh 476001116:0916:112 mins71 kms
8MORENA(MRA)Madhya Pradesh 476001116:1916:212 mins79 kms
9SANK(SANK)Madhya Pradesh 476444116:2916:312 mins89 kms
10NURABAD(NUB)Madhya Pradesh 476444116:3716:381 mins93 kms
11BANMOR(BAO)Madhya Pradesh 476444116:4516:472 mins99 kms
12RAYARU(RRU)Madhya Pradesh 474010116:5416:562 mins105 kms
13BIRLANAGAR(BLNR)Madhya Pradesh 474004117:0517:072 mins115 kms
14GWALIOR JN.(GWL)Madhya Pradesh 474002117:1317:185 mins118 kms
15SITHOULI(STLI)Madhya Pradesh 475001117:2817:302 mins127 kms
16SANDALPUR(SLV)Madhya Pradesh 475001117:3917:401 mins134 kms
17ANTRI(ARI)Madhya Pradesh 475001117:4717:492 mins140 kms
18ANANT PAITH(AEH)Madhya Pradesh 475110117:5818:000 mins150 kms
19SIMARIATAL(SMTL)Madhya Pradesh 475110118:0518:061 mins155 kms
20DABRA(DBA)Madhya Pradesh 475110118:1318:152 mins160 kms
21KOTRA(KTRA)Madhya Pradesh 475686118:3318:352 mins170 kms
22SONAGIR(SOR)Madhya Pradesh 475685118:5318:552 mins179 kms
23DATIA(DAA)Madhya Pradesh 475661119:1319:152 mins190 kms
24KARARI(KRQ)Madhya Pradesh 284003119:3819:402 mins204 kms
25JHANSI JN(JHS)Uttar Pradesh 284003122:05DSTN0 mins215 kms